4 surprising types of cannabis products you can look forward to with legalization

A legal cannabis market means more accessories and value added products will be hitting the shelves soon in Canada.

From butter to moisturizer, there aren’t many products that can’t be made better by adding cannabis. Some are already available on the grey market, and can be ordered online or purchased at your local dispensary. But come legalization, we’ll be looking for these home, health and beauty items at our local florist, grocer and pharmacy.

Home and event décor

buds-and-blossoms-2From wedding boutonnieres and bouquets to floral arrangements for your dinner table, cannabis leaves and buds are a natural fit for floral and greenery arrangements. In Colorado, where recreational use is legal, florists like Buds and Blossoms present innovative ways to decorate with your favourite plant. Now put that in your vase and smoke it!

DIY cooking kits

magical-butterSure, you could bust out the slow cooker and follow laborious and detailed instructions for making your own cannabis butter. Or you could buy this all-in-one immersion blender, digital thermostat and heating unit, for DIY butters, tinctures and oils.   The MagicalButter Machine promises to grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract at “the correct time intervals and temperature” for easy edibles. It’s currently available online and at select dispensaries in Canada, but in a post-legalization world, we’ll be holding out for a sale at Canadian Tire.

Sex med

foria-10ml_relief_bundle_790x790Period cramps got you down? Foria Relief Suppositories, aka “the weed tampon” advertise the pain relief of cannabis without the high. But their THC and CBD infused products don’t just offer release from pain, they also promise a hefty dose of pleasure, in the form of spray lubes and vaginal and anal suppositories. Prefer period relief that comes with a side of celebrity endorsement? Whoopi Goldberg wants you and your uterus to be happy with her line of medical cannabis products, including infused cacao nibs for more pleasant periods.

Bath and beauty

mary-janes-bath-saltsIf the legal States are any indication, legalization is about to unleash a whole new array of lotions and potions, promising topical relief for achy joints, as well as anti-aging and acne treatments, lip balms and more. You’ll also be able to soak your troubles away with cannabis infused bath products, which offer the soothing sensations of regular bath salts, with an extra hit of analgesic relief. As the web copy for Mary Jane’s Medicals’ Heavenly Hash Bath salts reads, “Side effects may include: tingling, mild
euphoria, and a sense that world peace is possible!” Now excuse us while we go draw a bath…

- Devon Scoble

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