#420forChange: Choosing Your CBD Strain

This article is part of a series for our #420forChange campaign. The articles in this series seek to educate the public about high-CBD cannabis and its benefits to those suffering from seizures. To learn more about the #420forChange campaign, visit 420forChange.org   In some of the previous...

This article is part of a series for our #420forChange campaign. The articles in this series seek to educate the public about high-CBD cannabis and its benefits to those suffering from seizures. To learn more about the #420forChange campaign, visit 420forChange.org


In some of the previous #420forChange articles we have discussed how cannabis helps treat epilepsy. We’ve learned about the specific compounds in cannabis and which ones seem to help treat epilepsy best. But how do you choose a strain of cannabis that’s right for you? There are literally hundreds of strains of cannabis that may be available to you at any given time. Choosing the right strain may be more difficult than it sounds. So, when treating epilepsy, what strain do you buy?

As we know from scientific studies, cannabis has anti-convulsive properties. Specifically, the compound CBD found in cannabis carries this particular property. A good starting point when choosing the right strain of medical cannabis would be to seek out strains that have a high CBD content. Luckily, that search is made easier because the licensed producers in Canada test their strains for THC and CBD content. Let’s take a look at some of the available strains at various licensed medical cannabis producers that have a high CBD content. Please note that the following is based on what is currently available through online stores at the time of writing and stock may vary. As well, the names given to the strains may be product names as determined by the producer and not reflective of strain genetics.

ARGYLE (TWEED) – Tweed offers a strain that they have named Argyle. When shopping on their website the THC and CBD content is clearly listed. This specific strain contains 6.24% CBD. It also has just 5.13% THC content which is much lower than many of their other strains. THC does provide medicinal benefits but also produces the high that cannabis is known for. Those seeking for a strain with high CBD content while minimizing the “high” feeling may appreciate this strain. Reviewers appreciate this strain for its mild high and soothing pain relief.

WATSON (TWEED) – Another high CBD blend currently offered by Tweed is Watson. This blend is measured at 7.58% CBD and 7.56% THC. This is their highest CBD content currently available. Reviewers have described it as having a milder scent and producing a smooth vapor.

NOVA (TWEED) – Listed as currently “in-production,” Nova will become Tweed’s most CBD-rich strain with a whopping 13% CBD content (estimated).

CBD SHARK (WHISTLER MEDICAL MARIJUANA COMPANY) – This strain is listed on the WMMC website as containing 5% to 5.04% CBD. The THC levels are lower than many of their other strains at 5.94% to 6.04%.

BEDIOL (BEDROCAN) – This strain from Bedrocan contains 8% CBD and 6.5% THC.

BEDROLITE (BEDROCAN) – For those getting their medication from Bedrocan that seek a high CBD content and extremely low THC content; this is your strain. Bedrolite contains 9% CBD and less than 1% THC.

CHURCHILL (APHRIA) – This strain from Aphria offers a 7.7% CBD content and a 5% THC content. It should produce a mild high and provide the relaxing properties of CBD.

ATHABASCA (APHRIA) – With slightly less CBD (5.85%) and more THC (7%), Athabasca may be another consideration for patients ordering from Aphria. Reviewers say this strain has a pleasant, fruity smell and a relaxing, calming effect.

CANNATONIC (DELTA 9 BIO-TECH) – With an 11.1% CBD content, this strain from Delta 9 offers one of the highest CBD contents available in any strain from any producer.

CBD SKUNK HAZE (DELTA 9 BIO-TECH) – At 5.2% CBD content, this strain from Delta 9 won’t offer as much CBD as their Cannatonic strain but could be effective for some.

CANNATONIC (CANNA FARMS) – This strain from Canna Farms contains equal amounts CBD and THC at 6%. Patients applaud this strain for providing great pain relief without the overpowering high from some strains with higher THC content.

CBD SKUNK HAZE (CANNA FARMS) – With 7% CBD, this strain offers slightly more CBD content than Canna Farms other CBD-rich strain, Cannatonic. This strain has been described as being very relaxing.

MIDNIGHT (MEDRELEAF) – With 9% to 12% CBD, Midnight may be the perfect strain for those looking for a strain with high CBD content. Patients say this strain offers a calming feeling while providing great pain relief.

AVIDEKEL (MEDRELEAF) – With a whopping 17% to 20% CBD content and just 0.4% to 1.2% THC, Avidekel may be a great option for treating Epilepsy in children as it will not produce an overpowering high while still providing all the benefits of CBD.

BLUE #1 (METTRUM) – This strain from Mettrum contains 13.86% CBD and a lower content of THC at 9.2%.

GREEN #1 (METTRUM) – Green #1 contains more CBD (16.27%) and less THC (8.4%) when compared with Mettrum’s Blue #1 strain. This may be ideal for those seeking more CBD and less THC.

YELLOW #1 (METTRUM) – Mettrum’s Yellow #1 offers their highest CBD to THC ratio with a 15% CBD content and 0.61% THC content. This strain should produce the desired effects of CBD while reducing the high felt from THC.

OGI CBD BLEND (ORGANIGRAM) – With just 1.45% CBD content, this blend from Organigram may not prove to be most effective for Epilepsy patients. That being said, no two patients are exactly the same and it’s good to know all options available. Patients describe this blend as sweet smelling and great for making edibles.

CANNIMED 1-13 (CANNIMED) – The two numbers in the name of Cannimed strains detail the THC and CBD content, respectively. We can see this strain has a very high CBD to THC ratio and may be a great treatment option for those with Epilepsy.

CANNIMED 9-9 (CANNIMED) – We can see, based on the name, that this strain has equal amounts THC and CBD at 9%. This strain should prove to be a nice blend of benefits from both active compounds.

The above strains are just a few currently available to Canadian medical cannabis users. Stock may change and measured THC/CBD content may also change. As you shop for your desired strain, be sure to closely read the description provided by the producer to ensure you’re getting the desired CBD content. When shopping, you can view reviews from other medical cannabis patients at liftcannabis.ca. You may also share your reviews after medicating to assist other patient in their own shopping endeavours.

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