Achieving Mindfulness with Meditation and Marijuana

Meditation doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out process, but it does need to be embraced with an open mind to reap the benefits.

When life becomes stressful it can be easy to forget who we are and what is important. Unfortunately, with full-time jobs, endless to-do lists, and growing responsibilities, this happens far too often.

Meditation has been used for centuries as a way to connect with our inner selves, practice mindfulness, and achieve serenity within. Many refer to this as a process of finding their Zen—“a Japanese sect of Buddhism that emphasizes enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation.

Meditation and Marijuana

If you’ve never meditated, you likely have the general assumption that it involves some mumbo-jumbo and long held Oms while sitting cross-legged in a candle lit room. If you’ve actually tried meditation, you know that this isn’t entirely true.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, meditating is defined as, “…a mental exercise (as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.” Clearly, there is more to meditation than meets the eye, as well as what is often portrayed in movies and television. Although the practice originated from Buddhism, men and women all over the world are now taking time out of their days to meditate—and for good reason.

Meditation takes extreme focus and granting permission for your mind to let go of the stressors from yesterday and just live in the present moment. Understandably, with many things we need to remember in our day-to-day lives, gaining access to this extraordinary state of mind can be increasingly difficult. Even for those who meditate regularly, finding inner peace is unattainable if there are still negative and daunting thoughts in the back of your mind. Could marijuana be the solution to this problem? Perhaps. 

Since meditation is centered on the concept of self-love, balance, and mending the mind, many people have found that certain strains of marijuana can compliment their practice. This is due to the uplifting effects that cannabis can provide, allowing more opportunity for you to embrace the good thoughts and let go of the bad ones.

Meditation also has a heavy focus on breathing and controlling the breath. By focusing on the speed of your breath and the motions of your chest expanding and extracting, entering a state of relaxation and clarity becomes simple. Now, since we breathe in and out every moment of the day, truly connecting with your breath is harder than it sounds.

Again, cannabis can compliment this process by inducing a euphoric state of being in order to observe the breath and really feel the benefits of deep, concentrated breathing. In fact, some individuals have found that marijuana aids a fuller meditation and clearer concepts in the mind. Therefore, the psychophysiological effects of both marijuana and meditation can create quite a complementary duo in achieving total Zen.

Creating a sense of ease and reducing the speed of your thinking is essential for mental health. Stress and anxiety can weaken the immune system, cause tension headaches, or have more serious impacts such as ulcers or heart attack.

Making time for yourself can be difficult, but even if it’s just 30 minutes a day, your body will thank you. Meditation doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out process, but it does need to be embraced with an open mind to reap the benefits. Allow yourself to experience a sense of inner peace and try it for yourself.

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