ACMPR cannabis oil price scan, Dec. 27, 2016

A pricing overview for cannabis oils currently available from Licensed Producers

UPDATE - This article has been edited to show the correct price for 10mg THC/CBD from 1:1 oils, previously prices were shown for 20mg THC/CBD. Two copy errors were also corrected, Tweed’s average price for THC oil and prices Canntrust’s CBD and 1:1 oils.

Publicly available information from licensed producer websites was logged for all available cannabis oils in the ACMPR. Data for this summary was taken December 27th 2016, and only available offerings were included. Potential THC and CBD content were logged from each website and averaged in the cases where ranges were given. In cases where percent values were given, the datum was converted to mg/mL units. Non-compassionate pricing was taken for each offering, and for LPs offering multiple volumes, we’ve shown the price for the largest volume. In cases where the same strains were offered by two different providers, data was logged for each separate instance. Each instance was counted for offerings of the same cannabis oil available in two different forms or concentrations (oil and capsules).

The number of oils available to ACMPR patients decreased slightly to 53, down three from the 56 oils available in late November 2016. In total, 14 producers produce oils for their patients, and 13 of these producers had oils available at the time of this scan. All producers with oils available had at least one THC oil in their store. Of the 14 producers, 10 had cannabis oil with significant amounts of CBD available. The average number of selections was the same as last month — four per licensed producer — although maximum and minimum values ranged from 18 to 0 oils. Approximately one-third of all 53 cannabis oils are produced by Whistler.

Seventy-one percent of the total number of cannabis oils had significant amounts of THC compared to other cannabinoids. Seventeen percent (ten) of the offerings had significant amounts of CBD compared to amounts of THC. The remaining five (10%) offerings had even or comparable amounts of THC and CBD (1:1 cannabis oils).

Per medicinal ingredient, THC continued to be the least expensive cannabinoid. The average price for 10mg of THC was $1.26, up from $1.04 last month. For the second month in a row, the minimum price is Tweed at $0.56 per 10mg THC.

Cannabis oils containing significant amounts of CBD continue to be a bit more expensive than THC oils. The average cost for 10mg CBD was $2.00, up from $1.54 last month. Canntrust has a CBD oil with 25mg of CBD per milliliter; 10 mg of CBD from this oil is priced $0.97, representing the minimum value for CBD price.

Cannabis oils with even THC and CBD ratios had the lowest cost per volume. Average price for 10mg of cannabinoids (THC or CBD) from 1:1 strains was $1.18; down from $1.32 when this summary was performed last month. The minimum price for THC/CBD cannabinoids from a 1:1 cannabis oil was $0.78, from Bedrocan’s Bediol.

For specific information on each cannabis oil, as well as information on each producer, check out Lift.

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