ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: June 10-June 16

Featuring Emblem, Delta 9, Aurora

The reviews of the week June 10-June 16 features medical cannabis strains from Emblem, Delta 9, Aurora, all of which earned these reviewers Lift Points. ACMPR patients that review the strains they purchase from their licensed producer can use earned Lift Points towards their next medical cannabis order. Learn how here.

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CrashT reviews Provence Jardin (Lavender Kush) by Emblem

Lavender Kush by Team Emblem is a delicious superior daytime strain. The smell of this phenotype is like diesel heaven. It has a wonderful smell. The smoke of of this beautiful queen is deliciously clean white and pure.
The buds were perfectly trimmed and light in density, making this particular strain last longer in the medicine cabinet. ?✔?
Granted the lower THE level isn't as desirable as Emblems other higher THE strains, this beautiful girl stays in the top 3 of my favourite strains of all time.

If you smoke enough of Lavender Kush you will certainly feel elated with Euphoric feelings throughout your body. Pain wise this strain works absolutely perfectly.
Physiotherapy for my arthritis was, and is, a breeze after medicating with Provence Jardin.

What a fantastic presentation from a truely Triple A L.P in Canada..?♦️?
Go Team Emblem Go!! ❤????❤

Organically grown and beautifully presented Lavender Kush....Take this girl for a test run. You won't be disappointed. ???

As I stated earlier this particular phenotype was on the lower THC Level, but it certainly says great things about Terpenes. The terpenes in this particular strain are what make it more potent than it's THC rating.

Team Emblem. A very kind, superior L.P., in my opinion.
You da growa man! ????

✊CrashT ✊

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ACMPRPT reviews Super Lemon Haze by Delta 9:

Super Lemon Haze is one of those classic strains you hear so much about. I had only tried it once previously through a dispensary and honestly I thought it was nothing that special. Thankfully, those days are over because now I have joined a licensed producer which knows how to properly grow and sell bud from REAL GENETICS.

I am a new customer to Delta9 and I was a bit hesitant to order at first. Not because of anything bad, but my DR is very Cannabis friendly and agreed to sign me up w several different Licensed producers all with their own separate medical document. Living in Ontario I started out w the "big guys", only to find inconsistent product and strains marketed by rappers who wouldn't smoke that crap if they had to.

At first the $10 a gram price tag looked a little steep, but I am on disability and I get compassionate pricing. All things considering $10 a gram is very fair when comparing other LPs prices.

With Delta9 things work a bit differently. They offer compassion pricing on certain strains every month and they're available at $5.75 and everyone else is also able to get savings as well, as long as they buy in 30 g increments they get a dollar off per g. This month with the warm weather I was craving a nice daytime sativa and when I saw SLH on the menu I had to have it. Even though this strain wasn't on the list for compassion pricing bc of the quantity policy I was able to grab it at $9 a g. That's not bad!

I was expecting, typical LP bud, I can honestly say this is not corporate cannabis. As soon as I opened the bottle I could see that this stuff was grown w love. The smell was like a sweet, tatt lemon candy. The bud was also covered with so many try combs that my hands were left sticky. It was very easy to grind, No seeds at all and a clean smoke. It was definitely cured and trimmed with care.

In terms of Effects. Wow. What a blast of energy! Perfect for helping me get up and start my day and keep focussed without having to rely on ADHD medication. No paranoia or racing thoughts just a happy smile and lots of energy what a perfect strain. I give it 10 out of 10

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Ryancoke66 reviews Elias (StrawBerry Cough) by Aurora:

Firstly, i cant say enough about the memorable smell and taste of Warwick #1. Secondly, i noticed this batch has gone down in THC since my last experience (20.6% down to 17.8%) which, in my opinion is a good thing since i felt the effects of the previous batch to be a bit too strong for the daytime where id rather remain focused and on the ball.

Thankfully, the same amazing smell of melons was still there once i peeled the tin foil cover back from the jar. Honestly, i felt the smell was even sweeter but i wouldn't be surprised if that was just in my head. The jar was filled with lots of smaller-medium sized buds that were light green and seemed to be even lighter with a heavy coating of trichromes.

Right after the exhale of roughly 0.2g of this sativa dominate hybrid, i felt instantly energized and motivated. I really enjoyed the level of THC in this batch, it seemed to be perfect for me at the start of my day because it also lifted my mood quite significantly and left me in a nice, calm mind state for the duration.

If you had to describe Warwick #1 in one word, id have to say that word needs to be "yummy". The taste and smell are almost like candy to me and it puts a smile on my face every time. With the perfect amount of THC for me at just under 18%, i found this batch ideal for the beginning or even throughout the day to maintain a calm mind state while still providing energy and focus.

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