ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week Nov 19 - 25

Featuring Aphria, Tweed and Aurora

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piporaw reviews Champlain - High THC Oil by Aphria Inc.:

This oil came in with my first order from Aphria. Really no complaints about the people at Aphria. Great, professional, helpful staff. Order arrived very fast.

From the three oils (Rideau Gold, Champlain Sativa, and Champlain Indica) this one was my favourite. Which is strange because I'm more of a Sativa guy. However, the Champlain Sativa oil didn't do much for me.

This oil being Indica, I was expecting it to be more trying, but I was able to function during the day. I kept looking for the head high from the THC, but I'm not sure there was any distinct head high with this product -- perhaps just a feeling of being on some buzz, not sure what, and walking around a bit dizzy.

Not sure of the effects on depression but anxiety seemed to be in check.

Overall, it's quite easy to administer this oil, but I wonder if a stronger concentration with smaller drops would be helpful. Unless you mix it with yoghourt or something, these drops aren't the tastiest.

Although this oil didn't get me couch locked, I noticed that I was able to sleep better at night when I would take it during the day.

Overall, not what I was expecting, but my favourite of the three oils I purchased.

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pbass4life reviews Bakerstreet by Tweed:

17% THC and 90% Indica, perfect! I am an insomniac and I have been waiting for this oil to become available and bought a bottle to try. After a few nights/doses I ordered second bottle right away and when the funds become available I will order another one since Tweed is notorious for running out of product. This oil is working out way better than vaping flower for me. When I vape flower I almost always wake up after a couple of hours and most times have a difficult time getting back to sleep... but not with this oil. I also have a lot of foot pain since I am a cook and on my feet for long hours 5 days a week. Wow, I sleep the whole night and I'm retaining my REM/dream cycle before waking in the morning. I have not had this kind of sleep since I was a kid. Tweed says to start with about 1/2 ml but I started with a 1ml dose. I dose when I know I will be hitting the sack in a couple of hours. The effects start (for me anyway) in about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs. The first thing I notice is my foot pain start to dissipate and a bit of euphoria coming on, followed soon with a very nice body high and a wonderful, relaxed, tranquil feeling. All my rapid fire, overthinking seems to just just vanish. All is good and suddenly I am out like a light, for the whole night. If you are an insomniac I highly recommend this wonderful oil. But running out of product, changing product and long replenish times are Tweeds biggest problem. I hope I don't have to resort to making my own but if Tweed can't keep it in stock I will. Tweed finally has a great product for insomniacs that don't like to smoke or vape. At 60 years young, I just want to keep my lungs clear of smoke and vapor if possible. This Bakerstreet oil from Tweed is fantastical. If you can't sleep, give this oil a try. It works. Come on Tweed, keep it coming!

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Black water is an amazing pure indica strain. The tasty dense buds have a lot of deep purple in them and are very flavourful. It is very smooth to smoke and tastes great in a joint or a bong. I found the strain to be the most helpful with pain, spasms and for insomnia. For only being 12% is has a fairly strong long lasting high, even with my tolerance. It maybe isn't the best choice for morning or day use unless you really need it or can handle it. But the delicious taste makes it hard not to have for breakfast. This strain is for sure a new favourite for night time. But I do find it can increase anxiety a bit if you start your day with it or smoke a lot. I hope that Aurora grows this strain again and offers seeds or clones. Two thumbs up for sure!!

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