ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week Oct 29 - Nov 4

Featuring Peace Naturals, Tweed, and Aurora.

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HMP reviews NYCE N' CBD by Peace Naturals Project Inc.:

For the most part, I prefer to blast my panic attack inducing anxiety away with a strong sativa during the day. It's an efficient way of medicating, but living in the clouds day in and day out isn’t always conducive to a productive lifestyle.

After doing some research and finding that CBD can treat anxiety and pain without making you crazy high, I decided to give Nyce n’ CBD from Peace Naturals a try. I found ordering with Peace Naturals to be a great experience. I liked that I could pay by e-transfer (because cash is king!) and it really didn’t take that long to ship! Opening the container of Nyce n’ CBD I was a bit disappointed, until I realized it was pretty standard for CBD strains to be itsy-bitsy buds. I was actually able to roll a joint without having to use my grinder.

The smell is great! Like a tropical climate orchard after it rained super hard. Kind of musky and sweet at the same time, with hints of clove. Not a huge fan of the taste, as I find it to be a little bit bitter. Not a deal breaker, it is smoke after all and probably shouldn’t taste like candy.

My favorite part about this strain is the effect it has on anxiety. Just enough THC to manage throughout the day without having to deal with the symptoms of an anxiety disorder. The pain relieving effects were wonderful on my sore neck and shoulders. I would be interested to see what this strain was like in a massage oil or lotion.

I would absolutely order this strain again for a nyce easy daytime strain, and recommend it to those that are trying medical cannabis for the first time.

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Skankhunt42 reviews Ocean View (Leafs by Snoop) by Tweed:

Let me start off by saying the only problem I have with this strain is the price; the flower itself it quite excellent. I think that Tweed should be offering this strain for 9$ a gram and the "Sunset" (which is 23% THC and was sold out immediately) could be $12 a gram. (I honestly think that no weed should ever be over 10 a gram from any LP but I digress)

Upon opening the container you smell a crazy medley that Ive never experienced with any other strain. It has a "Sweet-fruity-floral" scent to it. With the fruit being the overtone and floral being the undertone. Accompanied by thick orange hairs and a lighter green tinge; even though its only 15.7% THC; you can still see that the flower is covered in crystals. Its some nice looking and smelling stuff; better than I was expecting it to be. Id even go as far to say that its unique.

I would personally like the THC content to be a little higher considering I usually enjoy smoking at night or later in the day to relax and help with insomnia; that being said, @ (basically) 16% THC it is not a bad daytime strain since it doesn't completely burn you out. I find it to be quite smooth while smoking; letting you truly enjoy the flavor profile. It still does give you that little kick to the lungs a few seconds after the exhale that most THC bud smokers are looking for. This strain gives you more of a euphoric uplifting feeling rather than a "down and out" (tired) feeling.

If you can justify paying $12 a gram I would definitely recommend this strain. Either way trying out 5G of this wont be the worst decision you've ever made.

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I've only been with Aurora since May, but this strain represents the golden age of my relationship with them as an LP. Every review I write, I mention the migraines that got me to being a cannabis patient, and the need for an indica to prevent them while I sleep. Stokes has been my pinnacle experience with indica so far. Mixed with some of the high THC Sour Diesel Aurora released, I've been chasing the effects of that combination ever since.

Once the tin foil of the Cannapack was rolled back, there was no hiding the scent any more. Earthy, musky, and slightly sweet. Everything I personally find relaxing. Very dark buds, a few honestly purple spots throughout. Very rich trichome wise. The bud itself didn't burn perfectly, the flush left a little harshness that I could have done without. Still a fantastic smoke.

I'll never forget the body high of this strain. Cold chills swept through my limbs as what felt like a cool breeze started to brushed across my head. Full body relaxation. I would sprinkle in some Sour Diesel that I still had from Aurora, to make sure my mind started to wander as I lay in bed. This was a 100% medical product by every means. Insomnia, depression, anxiety and nausea because of it, lack of appetite, and most importantly, migraines, all paled in comparison to this one.

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