ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: September 23-29

Featuring Mettrum, Organigram, Whistler Medical Marijuana

The top three reviews of this week, September 23-29, feature top medical cannabis strains from Mettrum, Organigram and Whistler Medical Marijuana. Each review earned up to 300 Lift Rewards points - and as of recently, a few extra points for being featured. Lift Rewards points can be used universally towards your next medical cannabis purchase with participating licensed producers, at the Lift Store and with other Lift Rewards partners.

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Bb2895 reviews Mettrum N°2 by Mettrum:

I can say I am very excited to get my hands on this amazing sativa. I was hesitant to see the product because it was Sun-Grown, but it was absolutely lovely, it had a pungent sweet lemon smell, with the added dank scent, which made this strain so lovely. The buds were beautiful, with a bright green hue. When smoked, due to its strong sativa background, it gave me large amounts of energy and focus, which was great, because I was looking for a product that I could use in the morning to get my day started, and I think this strain does just the trick.

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Tronsark reviews Wabanaki by Organigram:

This sativa strain was just what i was looking for given my lack of energy and focus. I have recently begun looking at sativas as all I've ever really had have been indicas. This wabanaki is covered in trichromes, smells fragrant and fruity, and is NOT for people with anxiety or paranoia. It's so strong it will have you seeing shit in your periphery.

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Comrade Terpy reviews Nuken by Whistler Medical Marijuana:

Nuken is a tough strain to do right, given its very elaborate terp profile needing to be harvested precisely at the right time so as to, on one hand, not let the God bud terps overtake the Shishkaberry, or vice versa. The odd, even unique terp profile of Nuken is a pleasure, but much of the Nuken I've seen in the last 15 years on the 'grey market' has been substandard, often something crossed with a Kush to give it more density. This is real deal Nuken, with that unbelievable black licorice/grapefruit flavor profile and very soothing and warm late-afternoon sort of buzz. I tried this one after a long stressful day - the terp profile was immediately apparent when I opened Whistler's jar the first time and combusting it in a pipe really lent itself to a good, full spectrum - and relatively quick hitting relaxation. The 'hang time' on this Nuken is excellent as well. I look forward to squishing some rosin out of this, as something this terpy deserves to be dabbed! Finally - my jar was an overcount by nearly a half gram!

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