ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain Reviews of the Week: September 9-15

Featuring Canna Farms, Bedrocan, Aphria

The top three reviews of the week of September 9-15 feature medical cannabis strains from Canna Farms, Bedrocan and Aphria. Each of these three review submissions earned earn up to 300 Lift Rewards points - and now, for writing a top-notch review and being featured, these three lucky reviewers have earned an additional bonus! Lift Rewards points can now be used universally towards your next medical cannabis purchase with participating licensed producers, at the Lift Store and with other Lift Rewards partners.

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RasAir88 reviews Kootenay Star by Canna Farms:

This is a very great strain for a variety of medical needs, including stress, depression, fatigue, focus, and pains. It's effects are very long lasting over 4-5 hours of energy, focus, And euphoric sensations, great for morning and afternoon, also anytime you need a pick me up. The flower is a long tight nugget, smells of hops, lemon, earthy, and sweet tones appear in both smell and taste. Not to mention the classic strain crosses that make this strain (ak-47 x hempstar) (hempstar is northern lights x haze) to my belief and research). I would definitely order this again!

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Mamafur7 reviews Bedica by Bedrocan:

I have purchased bedica multiple times now. I am very happy with it and I would highly recommend it to other patients. The flower itself is gorgeous and really help to relax and take your mind off of pain you could be suffering with and it is smooth and the buds are always nice and large and dried perfectly.

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Gypsymay reviews Teslin by Aphria:

Completely helped minimize pain even with high activity levels. Dealing with a burst pipe in one house, break in enter at another, on top of moving. Didn't think anything could help! But this helped me take that moment I needed to decompress and made the pain completely manageable. Looked beautiful, taste was fantastic, crystal was amazing showing why it provides so much relief. This product took me from high strong and ready to put out my hair to a state in which I can be calm collected and in a much more pleasant mood as my pain levels have decreased significantly.

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  1. Robert Reply

    All you people using Licensed Producer Cannabis enjoy your Myclobutanil contaminated medicine just don't start crying woe is me when you find out your LP poisoned you.
    Already two have class action lawsuits filed against them and it looks like a third one is about to be sued.
    Do you think these 3 are the only one's using it , did you consider the rest of them just haven't been caught yet or maybe they bribed some Health Canada inspectors if you don't think that could happen you are a trusting fool.