ACMPR Strain Reviews of the Week: March 11-17

Featuring Whistler Medical Marijuana, Aurora, Organigram

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Frosty reviews Kosher Kush by Whistler Medical Marijuana:

Kosher Kush (AKA: JG) is a truly top shelf strain, This sample tested at 22.3% THC and 0.05% CBD. It is appropriately potent and only small amounts are needed to achieve pain relief. It is particularly true with back, shoulder, and neck pain. The high causes hunger and sleepiness progressively, and initially has an uplifting, energetic, and refreshing cerebral effect. Complete relaxation is one of the most noticeable effects along with a euphoric pain relief. There's an effect of appetite increase subtly increasing during use. With analogous notes of refreshing grass and minty/woody/piney undertones that harmonize with the subtle essence of earthy/floral dirt.

The 0.45% Nerolidol terpene brings a fresh cool breeze fragrance that is very subtle but at the same time obviously present. This terpene also has very slight resemblance to Lilac and pears.

D-Limonene at 0.38 % characterizes the citrus/lime flavors that stand out.
Caryophyllene at 0.18 %, and Myrcene 0.15 % evokes the classic sativa odor.
The other terpenes bring a presence of a kushy OG hybrid, with a faint pine aroma. (α-Terpineol @ 0.12 %, Sabinene @ 0.11 %, β-Pinene @ 0.07 %, Fenchol @ 0.06 %, α-Pinene @ 0.05 %). Overall the scent resembles a refreshing country breeze accented with forest/farm type clean air. This translates into the aftertaste with piney, earthy, and woody tones standing out the most.

WMMC did an amazing job with this grow, the consistency of the bud is at first glance light, leafy and dry, but upon being ground it becomes evident that the nugs are in fact very sticky, so much so that it could easily clog a grinder. There are copious amounts of trichomes which are well developed (bulbs), and this product seems properly flushed. You can really tell this was organically grown just by the appearance, and even more so by the taste of the vapor. The subtle smell resembles essential oils with it's pungency hidden as a subtle fragrance. Along with which there is a minute resemblance to acacia honey. After being ground, it starts to resemble a kushy scent with a warm woody undertone that will surprise people trying this strain for the first time.

As an indica, this strain carries some very distinct characteristics with calyx like bulbs that cluster together. The shape of the buds is one of the most unique attributes of this strain. The leaves are mostly light to dark green, with hints of purple. The moisture was optimal in my opinion, not too dry, and leaves white ash. The trimming was done perfectly. On the smaller side of nugs, but it's totally justified by the high quality.

This product's organic growing method was executed flawlessly, resulting in a fine example of an AAAA pain relief/relaxation strain. Even as such, it can definitely be utilized during the day sparingly, with uplifting cognitive effect that can help one focus and function efficiently without the distraction of tiredness or any kind of discomfort. I would compare the cerebral effects with white widow in some ways. This is one of my top 3 favorite indica strains, it qualifies for pain relief and insomnia as well as providing an inspiriting afterglow that combats stress and un-easiness. Truly fast and effective pain relief, and can help with a broad spectrum of ailments.

The organic growing method produces superb quality nugs, demonstrating WMMC's excellent quality of product. As visible in the photographs the nugs appear fuzzy and coated with bulbous, syrupy trichomes which are mostly intact and sparkle due to their developed state. The overall impression I get with the scent of this strain is a tolerable nature scent, like something you would smell in a pine forest near snow covered mountains. The smell is not just tolerable, but grows on you over time, similar to OG. This is a truly refreshing top shelf strain that I would buy again, the odor gives you the sensation of having woken up in the middle of a vast forest, accompanied by a cool breeze with all the subtle fragrance complexities such a place would carry. This strain is very powerful, it will surprise seasoned indica users who have not tried it before. And first-timers should be cautious as to not overuse this strain.
I would recommend this strain to cannabis connoisseurs as it is truly unique and lives up to it's medical qualities, and on top of everything this product is organic, and the genetics being a mystery adds to the intrigue. I would assume OG x ___

Overall excellent quality product and strain.

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Marni420 reviews Tower (Cannatonic) by Aurora:

The dense tasty crystal coated buds of Cannatonic actually make my want to take my medication. The smell and flavour are amazing!! I prefer to smoke it on its own instead of mixing it with other strains. I find I enjoy the unique taste so much mixing it ruins it.

It is a fantastic strain to help with different kinds of chronic pain. I wasn't sure how much of a difference it was actually making compared to THC rich strains, but I soon found out when I was unable to order more. I do not want to go without it again. It works instantly for pain and nerve issues and has been far more effective than any pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxant I have been on. A must have for anyone with fibro or back problems.

The buds chop up nice and it is very smooth to smoke. It leaves a great aftertaste for a little while which is always a bonus. The CBD/THC content varies but it is always decent bud. I can't say I could tell the difference between the Sentinel or Tower Cannatonic but they are both great. They only problem I found with a straight CBD strain is it makes my heart race a bit. I don't typically find that with cannabis.

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Mampy52 reviews Joggins Fossil (Kush) by OrganiGram:

So I am new to OrganiGram and knew nothing about them while at the doctor's office making them my provider. When I got home I punched them into my shearch engine only to find articles about pesticides in their products! After doing more research I found this was true but the product was recalled and new mesures where implemented to prevent this from happening again. I was sceptical but decided to order anyway because I was set up and ready to go with them and in need of buds badly!

My order can I a timely fashion (2 days) and I was excited to see the product because I felt after having issues with recalls, one should step up their game. The container was very large and not the coolest of colours but it's not about the container, is it?

When I opened the container I was not impressed at all! There were a few decent sized buds but it almost looked like "bottom of the bag". Like the title says though I needed to look again.

The bud was dry with lots of visible trichomes, even what I thought looked like "bottom of the bag" was covered ! The smell was pleasant but mild most likely because the buds were very dry . I definitely did not smell any trace of pesticides.

The buds were a dence light green but did not feel chalky whatsoever. Also, when smoked it buned clean with no chemical or perfume taste. It actually had a very nice flavour, again, very mild.

Now here was the most surprising part, Joggins Fossil hit hard, and what a clean feeling high it was. immediate I stopped thinking about my chronic backpain and was then in a great mood! And I mean great!? Joggins was a 2 hitter on the bong, definitely 20.7 % as the bottle says. The buzz lasted a good hour which is good as I have quite a tolerance from previous years of black marcket use.

All said and done I was happy with Joggins Fossil and would purchase it again although I do wish there was a little more bud than the "bottom of the bag" looking stuff.
(Bottom of the bag looking stuff was still very strong!)

Oh ! ! I do like my free gift of a grinder/carrier and cook book ! They should be fun ! Thanks OrganiGram!

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