ACMPR Strain Reviews of the Week: March 4-10

Featuring Emblem, Peace Naturals Project, ABcann

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gayintoronto420 reviews Good Neighbour (Girl Scout Cookies) by Emblem:

I am doing my review in two parts

Last week I received a call from Emblem., his name was Connor. Connor wanted to know, if they did anything wrong as I registered in December of 2016 and I have not put an order as of then. I explained that I am on a very tight budget, and that it was the price point was the reason I was not ordering from Emblem. Connor, educated me that there are strains comparable to Bedrocan and it's only 25cents more per gram. Connor, was very empathetic to my concerns, which gave me more confidence to place my first order.
I placed my first order by telephone, with Tom. Tom handled me exactly like Connor did. Connor was helpful, and made me smile more than once during our convo. Although, of no fault from emblem....Purolator delivery was a bit of a problem but it all worked out because Tom kept on top of it and made sure my package was delivered. Bravo Tom!
My package came with a gift. See the pictures below... This is amazing. Maybe paying more is better if I get this type of customer service. The customer service reps are very "down to earth", tone of voice is always appropriate, shows empathy, and the best part is,,,I really got the feeling that the customer service reps enjoyed working for emblem.

I ordered the good neighbour. The smell is a lemon scent. I found it burned a bit to quickly but right away I felt the awesome effects of the lemon buds. I am impressed as there was no STEMS in my 15 grams. This is great experience since I am used to getting stems with Bedrocan. The strain is very smooth to inhale and I don't choke on it all. I have had 1 gram and I am thrilled with this strain.

Bottom line: the whole experience dealing with Emblem totally justifies the extra $ per gram from what I am used to paying

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Mampy52 reviews Infiniti by Peace Naturals Project Inc:

Upon opening the container I was greeted with a strong earthy aroma. The buds were not large but were dense and were covered in trichomes. They also had a pleasant light green colour and upon weighing them, they were 10 grams right on. I did find the buds very dry but this is seemingly the way it goes from licenced providers. Next step, the burn.
I smoked this marijuana through a bong. By using the bong and doing hits I am able to judge for myself how strong any perticular product is. 3 hits or less is Very good and more than 6 is very bad. This strain came in at 3 bong hits. Yeah ! This was very good!
Smoking Infiniti i found was quite strong and gave me a nice rush. (the shivery feeling you get with a big toke) Right away I was feeling happiness and after an hour settled down nicely to bed. ??. The high THC content help me forget my pain, not make it disappear, but forgotten!
Thank you Peace Naturals for a great product!

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Bryden reviews WP: Med (Patient Ready) by ABcann:

Overall this is a very good strain for pain management, anxiety, stress, headache relief. This is a very strong and good. Not for beginners.

SMELL; The smell is earthy, peppery and citrusy. This strain smells excellent.

COLOUR; This strain doesn't have a lot of colours, just typical green and orange.. But I don't buy it for the colour, I buy it for the effects.

LOOK; Pre-Blended, but don't let that turn you off! It's very good consistency and next to no stems. Very good quality!

SMOOTHNESS; Nice and easy on the throat with little to none coughing. This strain is pretty smooth, only coughed a little.

EFFECT; This strain has very good mood altering properties, and helps with pain, and headaches and anxiety. Helped instantly with my shoulder pain, and puts you in a great mood for the day. This strain also gave me a little pain release with migraines. Great for beginning or mid day, wakes you up.

SIDE-EFFECTS; Not necessarily negative but it is a good strong strain, so not for beginners :p

OVERALL; This strain is very wonderful.

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