ACMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 24 - 30

Highlighted ACMPR reviews this week from Canna Farms, Aurora, and Organigram.

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Fifty613 reviews Girl Scout Cookies by Canna Farms:

Reviewer Bio – I like to put this first so people know why I medicate and can utilize my reviews a little better if they medicate for similar reasons. I use mine primarily to help with my anxiety/depression and to help balance out my other medication for it as I find it makes me feel very gray sometimes if that makes sense. I also use it for severe pain and stiffness in my back, neck, shoulders from a bad car accident and to help me sleep during the day as I work on a graveyard shift.

Visual – It's mainly composed of larger, clean looking buds up the stem that create the overall mass of the bud which is visually solid. Looking at the bud you see that it's a nice light green color and lots of dusty looking spots as this bud has a lot of crystals.

Touch – Because of the composition of the bud it is pretty solid all the way through and has little give to it when you give it a squeeze in your fingers. When you chop it up it tends to yield more that expected when you eye ball some out due to the bud being a pretty solid mass. You'll notice that this bud puts off a lot of crystal even when it's still at a higher humidity. When it becomes bone dry be careful when chopping as it tends to become all powdery quite easily.

Smell – As soon as you open the container the smell is overwhelming and gives you that “smack to the face” feeling. It has a very strong lemony, pine smell to it and when you hold it close or cut it up the peppery smell is there as well from the Caryophyllene Terpene. This has an incredibly pungent smell and can easily stink out a room by just leaving the container open so storing/smoking should be done with caution if you intent to be stealthy.

Taste – GSC has a very strong lemon taste from the main Terpene (Limonene) with a hint of pine. The piney, peppery taste becomes more dominant on exhale.

Smoke Smell – Crazy strong! It has an extremely lemony, skunky smell that lingers for a long time and isn’t masked very well so use caution if smell is a concern.

Terpenes – The dominant Trepenes in Girl Scout Cookies are Limonene (Lemon), Caryophyllene (Black Pepper) & Pinene (Pine Trees).

Body Effects – GSC is one of my all time favorites for relieving pain and dealing with sleep issues. I have a lot of pain in my overall back and neck a lot and this always does the trick. I like to use this one more towards bed time as it has a very strong body buzz to match the head high and will definitely couch lock you even when used with caffeine.

Mind Effects – GSC is one of the highest THC strains so it hits like a truck giving a nice strong head high to accompany the couch lock body buzz. It is an excellent strain for dealing with stress and if you want to be creative as I find the head high really increases my concentration and overall thought processes. I find the strength does trigger my anxiety a little from time to time but I use this mainly as a sleep aid and pain reliever so isn’t much of a concern. If you intend to use this during the day and have anxiety issues use caution until you have tried it out a few times and can gauge how it affects you.

After Effects – GSC will give you the munchies hard so is great for people that have appetite issues. It will couch lock you and make you want to take a blissful little nap so be warned if you intend to try and get stuff done because 9-10 it isn’t going to happen unless it involves sitting on the couch, drilling Doritos and watching trippy stuff on YouTube which is why I try and save this one for sleep time, I need it for a bad pain day or had an extremely stressful day at work.

Overall – Girl Scout Cookies is by far one of my all time favorite strains which combines all the things I need and want in a solid package. It has a strong but good taste, breaks up well, strong THC content, deals with pain very well, stimulates your appetite, 100% helps with stress & sleep issues, helps you stay asleep with the excellent pain relieving effects and isn't super expensive so easier on the wallet. The downsides to it are that it does smell very, very strong so could be a concern for some, it seems to trigger anxiety sometimes and I would advise not using it during the day or when you have things to do as it will bog you down because it has a strong burnout effect.

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RevCo reviews Odin (Sour Diesel) by Aurora:

This is my fourth tried strain from Aurora:

- The strain has a good pungent smell to it at first impression but not overpowering.
- Weight was short for this batch (0.2g)
- Trichrome count was very high under magnifying glass
- Moisture and curing was good but slightly dry (again needed to use boveda pack)
- Dried flower sizes: small average, dense.
- Impressions from combustion smoking was quick acting high, mostly head as it is a sativa strain. Great for daytime use which it was intended for. Its THC level is in the high 20's but may be too strong for first time/novice users. Use with care.
- Used for the following: Depression, helps with engaging activity around the home.
- Would highly recommend for those who need daytime medication.

As with all my strains, I do not keep them in original container tubs (tho I do recommend holding on to them for legal purposes) and highly recommend using an air-tight jar and make sure to add the boveda moisture pack. At the 5.00$ compassionate pricing, this product is a worth the purchase, but even at 8.00$ regular price, again I would recommend. Again tho, please use with care if your not use to higher levels of THC, find your comfort zone.

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Just recently received this bad boy in the mail along with some other lovely goodies that I'll be trialing and most likely reviewing! So far,I have to say I'm a big fan of this one, and I'm getting to know it even more now. It has a really earthy smell and taste to it which I enjoy. A friend of mind recommended mixing this Cannabinol rich strain with my others during the day, so I'm definitely gonna give that a try this week. This strain provides a very calming, relaxing, and focused feel, not really a "head high". It's been Recommend for anxiety, depression,Post traumatic stress disorder. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (diagnosed a few years ago but symptoms for 10+ years) and will be testing a lot of strains lately for this. I also have to add that I'm Really pleased with the ability to have strain discovery pricing through organigram, its an awesome added touch.

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  1. Ernest Benoit Reply

    I'm not sure what they do different now as oposed to then. It must be the completely oposit of when I was patient with them. Organigram...on my very first order when registered with them I get the shock of my life. A patiel order showed up of PR and budd.
    It was my first registration with a Maritimes Provinces LP and I was excited to try my new meds. They were great a setting me up and not so great at "not upselling, especially what a patient says they do not want. They push the higher priced higher level meds. (For whatever reason). Greed propably.
    The first issue: So I open the first obseenly large plastic container. (The thing was aprox 750ml as I measured. I ordered 4 different strains so there was 4 large containers).
    The second issue: After opening all 4 and after seeing, smelling and touching the "medication", I was shocked! It was brown, smelled like toe jam after a long walk on a hot day and it tasted like burnt toast. In my PAX1 vapourise I got only 15 minutes of relief and hacked my lungs badly. I called and complained. They offered; "we're not sure how this could happen, you can be sure that it will get looked into sir". "we follow all HC standards". I was told someone would contact me to resolve the issue. As I explained to the first customer rep, "I will not place a new order when the old one has not been dealt with". I got a total of two calls from them and at least one email. Did they want to help me with the first order and help resolve it. No. They were calling trying to get me to just move on and order more from them. One of them even told me that we shouldn't go too long between orders. (The whole time dealing with this was aprox a month. I was not reimburst, I was not offered new "Medication" in replacement). They actually kept my wife's $145...because I didn't even have dissability at that time and I made them aware of this.
    After getting nowhere with them in understanding that I got a raw deal...they were no passionate at all. Every call was a new oportinuty for them to try and make me forget and re-order this poor excuse for medication...this ditch weed! I could not believe their shocking behavior. I thouth it necessary to send HC an official complaint which I have not heard anything of it in a year. No call, no email, no response ever from HC about my being ripped off by their legal Medical Cannabis business. Lots of patients got the shaft just like I did by Organicrap's inability to do a simple thing; grow an herb, sent herb to patient only if it meets advertising standards. Simple.
    But I guess when you're given the cart blanche to steal from patients and there's no recourse for that patient that makes it ok.
    It's getting hard to tell whom is the "organised crime". It's at the point where if you are asked about the "black/grey/illegal markets? You might reply; "Do you mean (government) or (non government) organised crime"?
    It gives people who were taken advantage the opinion thet the LPs of Canada are substandard/less/a wates of time/a rip-off/set up to fail/a monopoly/taking advantage of patients/etc...
    And my newest club, registered for seven months. Finnally got a bad batch from them, so bad I had to complain about it. I warned them about the Medication that won't burn...ya, that will be effective...over 50% of the clumped black ash and unburnt medication left in the vaporiser. So the end result is that I get ripped off! Why? The product won't burn completely, will never render down past 50% and is so harsh my lungs want relief from my medical cannabis which is supposed to be the relief!
    LPs are set up to shut the patient up. The government gives zero shits about the plight of the patient as Trudeau says; "business as usual". Meaning...Who cares about the sick and suffering? I don't". The thing we need the and relief from all forms of prohibition on herbal medicine. What do we need nothing of...LP monopoly selling the worst, poor excuse for medicine. We already lived decades of this with DIN numbered synthetics and got nowhere.
    We do no need another form of prohibition; ACMPR. We need real medicing. But unfortunately it cannot be found at all LPs. And therefore, since the standard of patient care cannot be maintained the LP shoud be boycotted! IMO A patient should grow it themselves, find someone whom can for them or visit their local friends or dispensary for real medication.
    When my registered monopoly driven, legal club runs low on medication or simply lets me down with substandard medication I see my local "guy" and get suitable, relieving meds that actually work.
    LP ditch weed is not proper medication, full stop. Boycot them for real medication at dispensaries. Of all the stories floating around I have heard lots of patient reviews on LPs and likewise about street and dispensary products. You want to know what I don't see or hear of? dispensary entrepaneurs ripping off and leaving patients out to dry. Wanna know what I do hear of? The ultimately crappy end service that the patient recieves from some of these greedy cash converters.
    What a shame the Canadian patient gets abuse in replacement for medication. Thanks Hellth Canada. Assholes!