ACMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 3 - 9

Highlighted ACMPR reviews this week from Maricann, Aphria, and Aurora

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Surly reviews iCann Ultra Forte Plus 27 by MariCann:

For my third sampling from Maricann I chose Icann Ultra Forte 27 (Shishkaberry). Shishkaberry is an Indica dominant hybrid, and upon opening up the bottle I found a complex mix of terpenes. It offers an earthy, sweet berry aroma, with hints of diesel/skunk. Buds were of an average size, featuring a deep green colour with amber hairs and a thick frosting of dwinkling trichomes. Initial R.H. was 52%, and weight was 4.99g.

Vaping Shishkaberry produced a moderate flavour, matching the aroma, and combustion produced thick clouds and leaving behind only white ash. Effects from Shishkaberry came in 2 phases: phase 1 being sativa-like... happy, uplifting and full of energy, lasting for about an hour. Phase 2 then kicks in with a relaxing, sedative feel, making this strain a good choice for about an hour before bed.

All in all Shishkaberry was the best offering I had from Maricann, and something I would look for again.

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jrreitsma reviews Great Bear by Aphria Inc.:

I was very happy and pleased after trying this strain from Aphria. I am usually looking for something with higher CBD levels to alleviate my pain however this one with the higher THC did just as good. I was very impressed after making a couple dozen cookies at how well and how quick it came on. Usually after eating cookies it takes an hour to two hours to take affect but with Great Bear I found that I could sense it working after thirty minutes. It did come with a high feeling so I would usually take this if I were spending a day at home and not at work. I would feel very happy, relaxed and a lot less pain then normal. It worked good smoking it as well but I found I had a higher high if I smoked as opposed to ingested. It was very sweet smelling and I liked the flavor.

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m1kek9 reviews Baker (LSD) by Aurora:

At first I thought this strain sounded a little silly, but then realized that LSD stands for Lemon Sour Diesel and boy do I love lemon terpene strains as well as Sour Diesel lineage. I quickly ordered some realizing I should of order this much sooner as I may have been missing out on something. I was. I really was. It isn't that this strain is incredible or anything, but it really seems to just hit you in all the right spots like a proper massage. My order came in 3 big buds that were full and looked well grown. They had a great colour combination of these enticing greens against these rusty orange pistils with a greasy (shiny) exterior from a nice covering of trichomes. I knew I was in for a treat as soon as I could smell it which was probably the most impressive thing, but this is really subjective as I am really in favour of anything lemon. It had more of an earthy lemony smell than a candied one, but it was still mouth watering. The effects were very calming and relaxing and well suited for the end of the day or late afternoon. It provided fairly effective pain relief and helped manage my anxiety well. It was fairly long lasting relief as well. I didn't find any notable help for depression, but it certainly didn't seem to make it any worse. The price is great at $5 per gram on compassionate pricing and $8/gram regular price. I would like to maybe see the THC a couple percent higher so I can lower my overall consumption, but it is decent.

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