The best medical cannabis reviews of the week: ACMPR patients weigh in

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Here are this week's winning reviews, featuring Jack Herer from Delta 9:

Medical Cannabis ACMPR

"How I've missed you, Jack"

Chrismbawden of Winnipeg, Manitoba gave Delta 9's classic Jack Herer [sativa hybrid, 19.2% THC | <1% CBD, $8/g] strain (named after the activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes) a perfect five-star rating for the bud. The  writing:

It's been a few years since I've had this strain and I have to say that Delta 9 has done a amazing Job. The buds came perfectly cured and properly trimmed, the buds had a nice rich frosting of trichomes. The smell and taste was earthy piney and a little lemony. Excellent pain reliever and anxiety reducer, very uplifting cerebral high which allows for creativity. I recommend this all day. The woman I spoke with was incredibly friendly and had my order to me in the 2 days she said it would take. Great experience great product would order again.

Delta 9 is providing patients with helpful terpene profile graphics on their product page, too. Patients are paying more and more attention to terpenes – the compounds that make cannabis smell sour, fruity or skunky – because early research suggests they play a role in the plant's therapeutic effects. This strain is very high in myrcene, with some alpha pinene and caryophyllene playing into the mix.

Jack Herer Delta 9

"I would definitely recommend this strain especially for patients with chronic pain"

Bowmanville, Ontario's Cannabriggs tried out Broken Coast's limited edition Pink Rockstar [indica hybrid, 19.6% THC | .4% CBD, $10/g] this week, also giving it a perfect five-star score:

This batch is a limited release of Pink Rockstar grown by Broken Coast Cannabis. Right away I could smell the fuel notes in this earthy Kush strain. Trichomes cover the entire flower and bright orange hairs with light green give bag appeal that's only seen in boutique Cannabis. Cure is perfect but still I always swap out the containers for glass airtight sealed jars packed with Boveda 62% humidity control packs as I medicate with joints so I prefer a smoother smoke and the higher RH. I would definitely recommend this strain especially for patients with chronic pain. Indica dominant hybrid also very effective for treating insomnia.

Broken Coast Pink Kush

"It works"

Hopefully 100 bonus Lift Points will put a smile on Grouch's face! For those of you trying CBD oils for pain and/or anxiety, Emerald's indica blend CBD oil [1.1 mg/ml THC | 28.6 mg/ml CBD, $100] earned a four-star rating:

Used this to help with pain relief from my arthritis and chronic pain, felt zero head high during as well. Took approximately 40 minutes to start feeling the effects. Taste like chlorophyll and didn't linger too long.

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