Have better sex with cannabis

A pain-relieving, stress-reducing medicine, cannabis can work wonders on your libido, too

Your partner’s hand slips up your forearm, and something electric flashes through the space between you. You want this time to be special and meaningful; inhibitions lost in the throes of passion. But whether from physical pain, mental baggage or other unexplained hangups, maybe you just can’t get to the place you want to with your partner.

Cannabis can help

Ljubica Kostovic, former director of marketing and communications at GrowWise Health in Toronto, speaks to patients about cannabis and sexuality, and also trains the nursing staff at GrowWise to talk about cannabis and sex. She herself turned to cannabis to treat debilitating chronic pain from fibromyalgia, and now works to promote the benefits of cannabis as a medicine, for both reducing pain and enhancing pleasure.

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“Cannabis has the ability to make you feel connected to your body, and to make you experience the now,” she says. According to Kostovic, cannabis works as a stress reliever, allowing you to forget about everything else and be in touch with yourself and your body, in a non-stressed out way.

If this sounds a lot like the benefits from meditation and yoga, you’re on the right track. Kostovic says cannabis mimics the experience of deep meditation, acting as an aid in becoming present. This allows one to experience true intimacy and heightened sexual experience because we are just that—we are present. “Cannabis, I think, works by a combination of reducing anxiety, heightening the endocannabinoid levels (to those equivalent of going for a run), and this helps us to be present.”

6 steps to better sex

As with any medicine, she says using cannabis for sexuality is a process, and recommends a few basic steps to get started:

  1. Be open to the idea of focusing solely on the sexual experience. This is especially important for people in pain or for people who are not well connected to their sexuality.
  2. Keep it fun by making an experiment out of using cannabis in sex. There is less stress when you're not too serious about it, which opens up the opportunity for unexpected, powerful bonding experiences.
  3. Start low and go slow! Start with a low dosage because you could get too high and have a bad experience, so work within your limits.
  4. Be aware of high THC strains. THC is a pain-relieving and numbing agent, which is what you don’t want from sex!
  5. Journal your sexual journey so you can find out works best for you, because every cannabis strain is different and every experience is different.
  6. Talking to trusted friends about sex is a regular and healthy experience. Combine this talk with a discussion on cannabis to build your own like-minded community.

Go-to strains

“There are certain strains that are conducive to enhancing the sexual experience,” says Kostovic, and recommends the following:

  • Cerebri from MedReleaf: A high indica hybrid strain that energizes
  • Shark Shock from Emblem: If you are feeling stressed or anxious
  • Midnight from MedReleaf: It will make you feel giggly and silly

As a final note, Kostovic cautions, “Sexuality is complicated. You have to think about what it means to you, the setting, it’s not just mechanical. It has to be true to who you are.”

Featured image by Everton Villa, via unsplash.com

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