Book review: Grow Bible comes just in time for legalization

600 pages of cultivation knowledge in new 3rd edition of The Cannabis Grow Bible

As Canada steps up to legalize the cultivation of up to four budding marijuana plants, the country’s residents will need some education to make their first legal cannabis harvest fruitful. As CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes recently posted on their Facebook, “all those people who can’t keep a single house plant alive will soon get really good at taking care of four of them.”

And what better time for a self-titled “marijuana grow bible” to fall in our lap.

Lift was generously provided a review copy of the new 3rd edition of The Cannabis Grow Bible, by its publisher, Green Candy Press.

Green Candy Press is home to a variety of other marijuana-related publications, but it’s clear that the Grow Bible is a big staple of the publisher: the book was first launched 12 years ago, clocks in at over 600 pages, and has evolved over time to its current third edition.

Though it could be particularly helpful to Canadians legally growing up to four plants for recreational purposes, The Cannabis Grow Bible is intended for all different scales of growers, which also makes it well suited for those with larger grows, including legal personal and designated medical cannabis growers. Some photos in the book include grow gardens that would vastly exceed the four-plant legal restrictions that the government has set for recreational production, but could be possible under the personal and designated medical cultivation regimes.

Still, it’s the type of book that any newbies to cultivation need to read before they embark on a large journey. Want to get set up right away and do most of your reading after planting? The Quick Start Guide at the beginning of the book provides a nice ‘too long; didn’t read’ for those who want to put seeds into the ground right away and then do the reading after.

After the Quick Start Guide, the book takes its time to first explain the morphology, taxonomy and even history of cannabis cultivation. That’s important for individuals who might be completely new to cannabis but are in a position to cultivate the plant or educate themselves more fully.

The first few chapters of the book provide a nice primer before it gets into the more heavy-duty growing chapters, where you’ll find everything you’ll ever need to know about organic growing techniques, controlling indoor growing environments, and even aquaponics.

High quality photos line almost every page, so you’re not stuck just reading blocks of text all the time like some of the religion-based bibles out there.

For those who can brave the bulk of the book, the last few chapters are a particularly fun read. How to Make Hash and Oils is something that will surely be a topic that perks the ears of Canadians. When the country legalizes cannabis in 2018, it plans to allow citizens to extract cannabis into oils and other substances, as long as an organic solvent isn’t used. There’s a large part of the chapter that focuses on butane extraction (Canadians should know this will be illegal under the law) though it is nice to see a summary on newer techniques that Canadians might be interested in finding out about, including rosin pressing and CO2-based extraction.

Then there’s another fun chapter near the end, entitled How to Enjoy Cannabis, which includes a marijuana butter recipe and techniques for making different kinds of pipes and joints.

Finally, the Grow Bible ties everything together with a “Checklist” at the end of the book that lets you make sure you’ve controlled all aspects of cultivation.


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