Canada's 1 million square feet of medical marijuana

Over 1 million square feet of GMP or GPP compliant medical marijuana production facilities across Canada.

Updated May 25, 2016.

As of May 25, 2016, there is over 1,000,000 square feet of approved medical marijuana production space in Canada, spread out across 28 different facilities from Vancouver Island to New Brunswick. This number doesn't include several very large facilities in the application process, applicants like Supreme or Woodstock in Ontario or Vida in Nova Scotia or Zenabis in New Brunswick, or hundreds of other prospective producers across the country still making their way through the approval process, as well as additional as-yet-approved capacity at currently-approved facilities.

Currently Approved Production Space by Province

The Majority of this approved space is in Ontario, with 70%, at 816,000 sq ft, with Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta in a distant 2, 3 and 4 position. These numbers reflect a similar breakdown in patient totals per province. Hover over the chart below to see specific numbers by province. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and PEI are the only provinces currently without an approved facility. No territories currently have an approved facility.

Not all of this space is necessarily currently in production/under cultivation, but represents what is currently approved. This space can also include other parts of the facility like processing, storage and front end needs like customer service representatives. Several Licensed Producers have announced short term expansion plans within or adjacent to their current facilities, and these are noted in red below.

Some producers have the ability to build out within their current facilities, like Tweed Farms or Aphria, for example, who have 350,000 and 450,000 sq ft facilities, respectively but only use about 10% currently for cannabis cultivation. Others have plans to expand out on their current or adjacent footprint, like Canna Farms, Delta 9, Tilray and several others. The numbers below are based on the most up-to-date info available and are meant to reflect a broad overview.

Featured image of Hydropothecary's new 35,000 sq ft glass-roof facility in Quebec

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  1. Me oHmighty Reply

    How does this article not even mention CEN BIOTECH? They have applied to be the worlds largest Licensed Producer and they will be IF/WHEN Justice is served in Canada.
    ( *Ticker FITX : Company- CEN BIOTECH.)

    Ps. Who in the world is "Woodstock?" ..Never heard of them and I follow this sector religiously

    1. Miranda Reply

      Woodstock has stayed under the radar. What they have is special. They are the future of pharmaceutical cannabis.

  2. Bob Woodward Reply

    Cen Biotech? Are you seriously trying to make us laugh? When they do an article on how to run a scam pump & dump company then you can worry about Cen Biotech..... LOL! Laughable!

  3. Eric Reply

    I'm currently licensed with mettrum, they are doing quite well. They always have stock, price range from 3.60-9.60/g with compassionate pricing, it's actually quite nice And than Canada has to tax it though they are against weed because they would lose money due to less pharmaceuticals being sold, and because they don't read books to know that nothing wrong with cannabis but they still tax it. It's stupid, than they send you a stupid coloured pamphlet about the health concerns with marijuana every time you place an order with a licensed producer, waste of money, and yet I could walk into a stupid pharmacy like shoppers drug mart and buy over the counter pills and than hit up a LCBO or liquor store but some alcohol and Commit suicide. Lol I bought Tylenol at the age of 15 from shoppers drug mart, 7 years ago and yet you don't gotta be 18, anyone could walk in and buy some, hell I bet they would sell to babies before they legalized weed for tax revenue. you know your corrupted when... .

  4. christopher danders Reply

    Can anyone tell me about Bench mark labs \ Changing their name to TheraCann Corp. Any one out their herd about this company ?? Operating in Canada and the usa.