Cannabis careers, autumn round-up

Looking for a job in the Canadian cannabis industry? Here are some leads and resources to help!

This autumn may be the most exciting time in Canada’s history for the cannabis industry. Recreational legalization is just months away, memberships with medical cannabis providers are surging to record numbers, and cannabis farms across the country are announcing large-scale expansions on a weekly basis.

As both the public and private sectors scramble to put a national infrastructure in place to support the transition and the new markets, a hiring frenzy is happening from coast to coast, with jobs ranging from working directly with the plant—either in retail cannabis sales or as farm workers at a licensed producer—all the way to corporate administration, and just about everything in between.

Here are some interesting opportunities throughout the country, currently posted and hiring.

Dispensaries and storefront retail

Current storefront opportunities relating to cannabis are fairly polar. As there is no legal infrastructure yet in place for storefront cannabis sales, storefront jobs fall into two categories: legal sales of paraphernalia (bongs, vapes, etc) without working directly with the plant itself, and illegal or quasi-legal sales of cannabis and derivative products at dispensaries. If applying for the latter, be aware that while cities like Vancouver and Victoria  have issued licenses permitting cannabis retail businesses to operate, the sales that take place within those establishments are still illegal at the federal and provincial levels.

For the daring few who live on the wild side, one Victoria dispensary is hiring a customer service rep for counter sales. In Vancouver there are currently dozens of postings for budtenders and customer service, with wages in the $14-15/hr range. Similar positions are available in Toronto, and may be available in other cities. Search local classified sites for ‘cannabis’ and ‘marijuana’ to start looking!

Dispensaries also offer more opportunities than just sales—numerous Vancouver dispensaries are currently seeking supervisors and back-end staff for packaging and clerical work, with wages typically starting around $17-18/hr.

For those who prefer the security of a legal workplace, Tokyo Smoke is currently hiring a manager for its Calgary location, and Jupiter Cannabis Shop is seeking an entry-level sales associate in Edmonton.

Legal throughout most of Canada, bong-shops and paraphernalia retailers are springing up across the country faster than ever before, with job postings being listed in places where any other job posting would normally be posted. If you see one opening soon in your town, taking a proactive approach with cold-calls could land you a job before they even open.

Cannabis farming and mail-order retail

Hands-on cannabis work isn’t just for outlaws any more. Unlike storefront retail, Health Canada allows licensed producers to grow cannabis and sell it legally via mail-order and online sales.

British Columbia-based producer Tilray is seeking an entry-level production technician to help with the set-up and cleaning of equipment at their Nanaimo facility. (A perfect way to learn the ropes for commercial production). Tilray is also hiring a grower for their facility in London, ON.

Meanwhile Canada’s largest licensed producer, Canopy Growth Corp, is currently looking for a production assistant for their facility in Niagra-on-the-Lake, ON.

On the retail side of things, Aurora Cannabis is hiring a registration agent in Vancouver, to work with new membership applications.

Trimming and processing

Aurora is also seeking a harvest team member to help with trimming and other post-harvest processing at their facility in Cremona, AB.

Meanwhile Canopy Growth Corp is hiring a post harvest manager for their Toronto farm.

Corporate, creative, and office jobs

A data analyst position is available as part of Aurora’s hiring blitz, as well as a project manager, global inventory account specialist, business analyst, copywriter, and roughly a dozen more corporate, IT, and creative roles at their Vancouver offices.

Ontario-based Sail Cannabis is hiring a marketing manager in Mississauga, as well as a number of creative positions including one user experience designer.

Also in Ontario, Lift’s own Toronto-based corporate HQ is hiring an executive assistant to the CEO, a manager in brand marketing, and a number of other positions.

For the creative type, The Purple Co’s digital content producer posting may be the perfect opportunity.

Clinics and research

In Ontario a research assistant is needed at Canopy Growth Corp’s Niagra-on-the-Lake facility to test agricultural products and assess plant health. Canopy Growth is also seeking a laboratory assistant at their Smiths Falls site.

Meanwhile Tilray is hiring part-time clinical trial data coordinators in Toronto and on Vancouver Island.

On the clinical service side of things, Natural Health Services is seeking an assistant for their clinic in Calgary, AB.

More resources

The leads linked to above barely scratch the surface in the ocean of opportunities throughout the country. While the majority of industry activity is currently centered in British Columbia and Ontario, cannabis-related job postings can be found in some form within every province.

Try searching local job boards and classified websites for terms such as ‘cannabis’, ‘marijuana’, ‘dispensary’, ‘ACMPR’, etc. Additionally, broader job-listing websites such as SimplyHired and Indeed can be excellent resources when searching for career opportunities within the cannabis industry.

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