Canada's cannabis job market booming

Legal or not, there are numerous opportunities for those looking to find work in Canada's booming cannabis economy.

Legal or not, Canada’s cannabis economy appears to be growing strong. Recent craigslist ads in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria show numerous positions for budtenders, trimmers, production assistants, sales and marketing experts, graphic designers, a naturopath or nurse practitioner and even one tour manager - as well as the chance to take part in a CAMH study on schizophrenia.

The bulk of the listings are in Toronto, which continues to see a boom of post-Trudeau’s-election dispensaries, despite a massive round of raids on May 26th. While some of the listings in the Toronto area were from before the Project Claudia raids, many new job postings have gone up since then, even from some businesses who were targeted in the raids.

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Vancouver and Victoria’s licensing approach may have somewhat curtailed expansion, but existing dispensaries still need budtenders and sales associates.

Of the jobs on that list, compensation starts around $12 and hour, going up to $20 or more.

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Not all listings are for dispensaries, however. Tilray, a Licensed Producer based in Nanaimo BC lists a human resources and customer service positions, for example. The trimmer positions in Toronto appear to be connected to at least one licensed MMPR producer.

Interestingly, Craigslist’s ‘nearby’ function for Vancouver and Victoria lists another dozen or so positions in various Washington state dispensaries.

Beyond Craigslist, websites like often list jobs within the MMPR, and new producers are often seeking people to fill numerous entry level and high level positions as their businesses expand. A recently licensed medical producer in PEI announced they expect to be hiring about 20 people over the next several months.

And if you're interested in finding work as a cannabis educator, Lift just might have the job for you.

Despite the government shying away from focussing on the financial benefits of the cannabis economy, what is obvious is buildings that may otherwise be sitting empty are paying rent by selling cannabis and employing people to sell that cannabis and, despite arrests (or perhaps because of them?), business are still hiring.

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