ACMPR Medical Cannabis Strain ROTW Jan 14 – 20

Featuring Aurora, Emblem, Medreleaf

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Cronzon reviews Odin (Sour Diesel) by Aurora:

First, I'll start with the packaging, and description of the bud. The packaging is attractive, and easy to read. Once opened, a unique earthy-sweet smell comes out. The buds are absolutely beautiful, deep green and purple, with lots of crystal and bright red hairs. They are larger buds and dense. i'd rate them a 5/5

Secondly, As unique the smell is, the taste is sweet, a mixture of earth, berries and just over all sweet. I couldn't believe that this inexpensive bud has such great flavour and smell. 5/5

Third, this one is sativa, yet has a nice blend of both the positive attributes from each strain. The high is nice, and it took away my pain very quickly, but I still feel energized, not at all drowsy.

Fourth, I use medical marijuana for chronic pain, and I'd say that this strain is a fantastic one for pain. My pain is demolished, and I feel fantastic, yet full of energy. I'd recommend it for daytime or night time use.

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SpicedMuffin reviews Aqua Flora (Shark Shock) by Emblem:

This is one of the first three strains i purchased from my producer. Aqua Flora is now my go to strain for my daytime. Very low THC so no head buzz, But very high in CBD which means it relaxed and took away pain. It totally takes away my anxiety and depression, By the end of the work day I'm feeling good and singing. Instead of being down on everything and clock watching. with that as well its helps with my ADHD to keep me focused. I pick orders so i need to be accurate so i don't make customers mad ;). The buds came very well packaged in the white Emblem container. They also threw in a few boveda packs to get the buds just right. When I weighed it up when it arrived it was well over 5 grams which is a bonus. I was able to make my first order less than 24 hours seeing my doctor. ordering was a breeze the website layout is easy to navigate. my order arrived at my door 24 hours later. Great service!

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Jontupper reviews Alaska by MedReleaf:

I'm a big fan of strains that provide that 'waterfall' of anxiety relief, and this is one of them. Not as heavy as most strains I've used to treat my anxiety : I find this one great for daytime use... Very little drowsiness. Attentive, talkative, and all around pleasant! I usually get similar effects from a strain like white widow.... Benefit of this strain is that it doesn't put you down in the same way WW does. Great for morning afternoon or evening, although most benefits would be seen in the morning or afternoon. I was still able to vape this at night, but it doesn't put me down nearly as hard as an Indica does. The smell is fantastic! Fresh! Sweet! Delicious! I would definately buy this one again. Its not as inexpensive as I would have hoped, so maybe they will reduce the price at one point. 15 a gram is a little insane, even though it is top notch product.

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