A catalogue of licensed dealers and their services

A comprehensive list of licensed dealers currently operating in Canada

It’s our mission at Lift to provide Canadians with the information they need in order to use cannabis safely and responsibly and get the most out of their experience with it. Whether you’re an industry insider or a cannabis user, we aim to empower you with knowledge and tools that will help you make informed decisions, whether you’re a professional or a consumer.

But we are not the only ones with this goal. Less well-known than licensed producers are a group of companies called licensed dealers. Licensed dealers make it their mission to provide information to licensed producers and their customers by way of analytical lab testing of cannabis products, both to test concentrations of medicinal compounds and to test for the presence of unwanted contaminants such as pesticides, microbes, and environmental toxins.

Legally, licensed dealers are laboratories that have a current Dealers Licence under the Narcotic Control Regulations and who are licensed to conduct activities with cannabis. These may include analytical testing for licensed producers, home growers and designated growers, which all fall under a Section 56 exemption of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.


Learn more about cannabis testing labs and regulations in Canada

The information they provide is vital. Consumers need to know what they’re smoking, both to be safe and in order to get their desired effect. Also, licensed producers need to know what they’re selling in order to maintain compliance with Health Canada and ensure that their customers are happy and healthy.

Testing cannabis to ensure its safety and purity is an important component of Canada’s medical cannabis program. While Health Canada currently lists thirty licensed dealers, the services they each provide are often very different. In order to help patients and producers better understand what services are available, what products they test for and using what machinery, what the cost and turnaround is like, and more, we’ve compiled the list below, which will be added to over time as more information comes in. For access to the full list, please send an email to info@lift.co

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Our thanks to Alexzander Samuelsson for helping to gather the info. Follow him on Twitter at Catalystic37

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