Conservatives seeking to remove homegrown cannabis from federal Cannabis Act

Conservative health critic Marilyn Gladu proposes several amendments to Bill C-45 that aim to remove home grow option

Conservative health critic Marilyn Gladu has put forward several motions to amend Bill C-45 as it reaches report stage in the House. One of the motions includes an amendment that would remove the ability for Canadians 18 years and older to grow up to four cannabis plants in their residence.

The proposed amendment would remove 18 lines from the section of the Cannabis Act that allows for home cultivation of up to four cannabis plants for personal use. Several of the other proposed amendments deal with other aspects of removing wording referring to this section.  The Conservatives have been highly critical of all aspects of the Cannabis Act, but home grown cannabis has been a major point of contention for several party members through the legislative process.

Rob Nicholson, the party’s justice critic, has made numerous speeches in the House referring to the danger of home grown cannabis (usually, for some reason, located in the kitchen) being more accessible to kids, and Gladu has (now famously) referred to kids using toasters to consume this homegrown kitchen-cannabis.

Rachael Harder, one Conservative committee member, was an outspoken critic of the bill during second reading, specifically identifying concern with issues like the proposed four plant limit for personal cultivation. Colin Carrie, another Conservative senator on the committee, expressed similar concerns, citing recent opposition from the Canadian Medical Association Journal to the four plant cultivation allowance.

The House Standing Committee on Health proposed an amendment to the bill that would remove the 100 cm height limit on homegrown cannabis.

With only 96 seats in the House, the Conservatives are not likely to succeed in this or their other amendments. In addition, Gladu remarked in the Standing Committee on Health on Oct 2 that it would be ‘hypocritical’ for she or her Conservative colleagues to propose amendments to a bill they do not support.

Conservatives say home grown cannabis puts kids at risk

The Cannabis Act is expected to reach report stage in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Nov. 1, after making its way through the House Standing Committee on Health in late September and early October. Report stage allows the House look at the amendments suggested by the standing committee and propose further amendments prior to third reading.

Bill C-46, the impaired driving companion bill to C-45, has just gone through a similar process and is now at third reading.

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  1. Chris Reply

    Marilyn Gladu, why don't you think about us poor souls who like to pluck our cannabis leaves and throw them in the toaster oven? Toasted buds in the only way how many of us consume marijuana. Why take that away from us, you monster?/heavy sarc.

  2. Robert Wright Reply

    I wish that fucking old busy body Marilyn Gladu would mind her own fucking business they can't stop home growing now or after legalization it's okay for politician's rich friends to grow and sell it but us regular folk can't even grow our own that sounds unconstitutional to me but violating our rights is the governments specialty even when a judge orders them to stop.

    1. Turner Reply

      She thinks kids will rip the stems right out of the dirt and start chewing on them, like a panda bear eating bamboo... crunch, crunch, crunch...

      mmmmm, raw Cannabis plants, roots and all - yummy mommy! never mind the veggies...

  3. Keith Reply

    Marilyn Gladu sounds like Helen Lovejoy from the Simpons, "Oh, won't somebody please think of the children?!?!" Lol. What a joke.

  4. Krys-Tyna Collins Reply

    How stupid are the conservatives. This is the first time, I've ever heard of people growing plants in their kitchen.
    Have they ever seen any.
    Oh right they are rich & have the room.
    Secondly, who would want that smell in their living area or have those lights.
    How are poor people supposed to get their medical marijuana?
    Lastly a lot of people don't smoke cigarettes in the house because of their kids, now you want them smoking pot in the house.

  5. murray hopper Reply

    Super Mario
    I have had a sick feeling for a while now that "legalized" cannabis will have heavier penalties for doing anything without the permits or licenses required than the current penalties for the same things .
    Home pot growing is a hobby/cultural practice for many years in Canada (esp BC) and yes it is the source of product for a lot of people, many Canadians get their weed from a "friend" who grows a bit......this is NOT the big organised crime scenario that the RCMP love to portray it is. These growers have developed the strains and techniques that the new kids on the block are using to monetize the F*** out of what to many is a sacred herb not just a commodity.
    How long before Monsanto or some one of their ilk completely control the genetics and production of the herb
    As funny as the toaster pot discussions in parliament are we have to remember that those are the people making decisions and policy for our country