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Adam Greenblatt

Adam Greenblatt is a self-taught advocate for safe access to medical cannabis and sensible drug policy reform. He is currently the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Santé Cannabis, Montréal’s first cannabinoid clinic and medical cannabis resource centre.

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Jenna Valleriani

Jenna is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies at the University of Toronto. Her research looks at social movements, entrepreneurship and the emergence of new industries, focusing on the transition to the MMPR in Canada.

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Owen Smith

Owen has worked for the past 5 years as a writer and graphic designer for the Cannabis Digest focusing on scientific research articles, making graphs and timelines to accompany them. He is a co-host on the internet radio channel Time4Hemp interviewing people from the Cannabis community every second Monday from 6-7PST. Owen helped lead a constitutional challenge to allow medical cannabis extracts In Canada.

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Trina Fraser

Trina Fraser is a partner with Ottawa business law firm BrazeauSeller.LLP (www.brazeauseller.com). Her business law practice includes advising MMPR industry participants on regulatory issues.

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Emily Kirkham

Emily Kirkham is VP of Laboratory Operations at Signoto. Signoto is a provider of quality control consulting to the Canadian medical cannabis industry. Emily is co-founder and Vice President of Laboratory Operations at Signoto, a Canadian company specializing in method validation, quality control and training for Licensed Producers. She is a registered Professional Chemist with 15 years of experience building labs and developing methods.

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Gonzo Nieto

Gonzo Nieto is a Montreal-based writer and drug educator. He writes a column on drugs & the mind in The Link newspaper called Turning Inward and has written on drug policy and research for Lift, Reset.me, and AskMen. He’s also Co-Chair of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) and holds a B.Sc. in Psychology & Neuroscience from Concordia University. Check out his website at gonzonieto.ca.

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David Brown

David is Director of Communications at Lift and Editor in Chief of Lift News. He enjoys covering the emerging cannabis industry, politics, and patient issues.

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Natasha Raey

Natasha Raey holds a Masters in Health Administration and has extensive experience working as a seasoned researcher, facilitator, evaluator, collaborator and program developer. Her past consulting experiences include developing needs assessments, executing community based research projects and developing action plans and evaluation frameworks for a number of community development and health focused projects.

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Brendan Pogue

Brendan is currently an MBA candidate specializing in Project Management at Grenoble Graduate School of Business in France.

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Jerry Golick

Jerry Golick is a Montreal-based medical cannabis activist and writer. He has been promoting the legal use of cannabis for over 20 years. He is motivated by a core belief in righting the injustices the cannabis prohibition has caused. He has lectured on the topic to diverse groups, as well as assisted physicians in developing educational programs on the subject. His articles have previously appeared on Cannabis Digest and other online websites.

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Tyler Sookochoff

Tyler is the founder of Lift. He is passionate about the legitimization of the emerging global cannabis industry and the role that communication plays in effectively educating consumers and raising brand awareness.

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AmeriCanadians are a married couple of 20 years who both hold MMPR cards, love to smoke different marijuana strains and report back the findings. Being a dual USA-CAD citizen allows the AmeriCanadians to try marijuana strains across California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado.  With over 100 MMPR strains already tried and reviewed in Canada, AmeriCanadians is the leading marijuana strain reviewer in Canada.

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John Fowler

John Fowler is a licensed attorney in Ontario and currently the President of Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CSE:SL). John has spent the last decade working in various aspects of the cannabis industry from tackling legal issues facing medical patients to overseeing grassroots activist campaigns and pro-legalization efforts. John’s comments are his own and do not constitute legal advice.

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Aaron Bockner

Aaron Bockner is a recent graduate of the Master of Public Policy program at Simon Fraser University, where he wrote a thesis on cannabis policy in British Columbia. Prior to graduate school he had a successful career as a paralegal.

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Hugo Alves & Mike Lickver

Hugo Alves is a corporate and commercial lawyer who specializes in domestic and international commercial transactions. Hugo created and developed the medical cannabis industry team at Bennett Jones LLP and is one of Canada’s leading advisors in the medical cannabis industry established under Canada’s Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. He acts for clients in all segments of the medical cannabis industry and is counsel to the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry Association. Hugo is also an adjunct professor at Western Law where he teaches “Medical Marihuana: Law and Practice”, a course he designed and developed and the first of its kind in Canada.

Mike Lickver is a corporate and commercial lawyer who advises clients in a broad range of corporate and commercial matters, including debt and equity financings, private equity and venture capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, shareholder arrangements, corporate reorganizations and public markets matters. Mike helped to create the medical cannabis industry team at Bennett Jones LLP and is one of Canada’s leading advisors in the medical marijuana industry representing a variety of industry participants. Mike is also an adjunct professor at Western Law where he teaches “Medical Marihuana: Law and Practice”, a course he designed and developed and the first of its kind in Canada.

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Alison McMahon

Alison McMahon is a workplace expert based in Alberta, Canada and the Founder of Cannabis At Work. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn where she provides opinions on weed and work.

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Brad Martin

Brad Martin is a Canadian researcher and market analyst. You can reach him @cannstandard on Twitter.

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