Cooking with cannabis: 5 spring recipes from The Wellness Soldier

Tempt your tastebuds with these easy and delectable cannabis edibles

Taking your medicine doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Sure, it works for Buckley’s, but getting your dose of medicinal cannabis should be absolutely delicious—and easy to cook with.

Here we’ve compiled five delectable, marijuana-infused recipes from chef Cody Lindsay of The Wellness Soldier. Be sure to seek Lindsay out at the 2017 Lift Cannabis Expo, May 26 to 28 in Toronto, where he’ll be promoting more simple and wholesome recipes from his cookbook Cooking with Cannabis, along with The Wellness Soldier’s other healthy living services.

Cannabis smoothie with prescription oil

In the meantime, try these tasty recipes to help incorporate medicinal cannabis into your meals:

Braised lamb shanks

Does your mind immediately turn to “special brownies” when you think of adding cannabis to food? You’re not alone, thanks to the way marijuana is portrayed in pop culture. But brownies aren’t the only way to cook with cannabis—far from it. Case in point are these #foodporn lamb shanks drowned in a red wine and cannabis butter sauce, served over chive mashed potatoes.

Find the full recipe here.

Canna green smoothie

Get your breakfast in plus a dose of greens with a quick and easy smoothie. Here, Lindsay blends a tablespoon of cannabis-infused honey along with kale, romaine lettuce, cucumber, green apple and banana. Coconut water and lemon round out the drink that’s so refreshing, you’ll never skip breakfast again.

Find the full recipe here.

Herbed cannabis butter

Using Lindsay’s basic cannabis butter recipe as a base, just add in your favourite spices such as sage, rosemary and thyme to suit your tastes. This savoury spreadable can be used on everything from toast to roast chicken, pasta dishes, vegetables and more.

Find the full recipe here.

Goat cheese and chive mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are an easy, crowd-pleasing side dish. If you have a group coming for dinner, a casserole dish filled with this tangy goat cheese and chive mash is simple to prepare beforehand, and can be quickly reheated when you’re ready to eat. Or substitute the regular butter in this recipe for Lindsay’s herbed cannabis butter (previous slide) to create your own medicated mash.

Find the full recipe here.

Chocolate brownies with chocolate ganache

While we initially threw shade at the “special brownies” cliché, this sweet treat is a far cry from what your high school friends were whipping up behind closed doors. Lindsay’s recipe, a moist and decadent dessert, calls for cannabis butter. To top it all off, each square is drizzled with a gooey ganache that’s almost as good as the brownies themselves.

Find the full recipe here.

Catch Cody Lindsay of The Wellness Soldier at the 2017 Lift Cannabis Expo, May 26 - 28.

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