Delta 9 releases Justin Trudope, a new strain in honour of the PM

But... isn’t that what the alt-right calls the Prime Minister?

Marketers face a difficult challenge when it comes to medical cannabis in Canada: under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), licensed producers aren’t allowed to promote themselves with any images of the plant, dried or not; they can’t lean on celebrity endorsements, nor can they make claims about the effects of strains.

And when your customers are patients treating serious ailments, how much fun do you want to have with strain names?

So when Delta 9 released their newest strain Justin Trudope yesterday, an indica hybrid with 19.7 per cent THC for $9.50/g, they received a very mixed reaction.

For one, is it appropriate to call medical cannabis “dope”? And worse, a quick Google of the name reveals that it’s also a nickname used by the alt-right for the PM – maybe not the results a marketer would desire if a potential customer was looking for it.

“Justin Trudope is a term used by the alt-right wingnuts who hate our Prime Minister and all he stands for, including legalizing marijuana,” wrote @CanadaLegalWeed on Twitter. “Terrible name choice, IMO.”

But some cannabis users couldn’t wait to try it out. “This is sure going to be good… personally, I can’t wait to ‘smoke’ him,” wrote @Mike_in_Mb.

Winnipeg-based Delta 9 responded, unswayed by concerns.

“Thanks for the great feedback today re: our Justin Trudope strain,” they tweeted back. For the record, our intent is to praise the efforts of JT on behalf of the Canadian cannabis industry. We hope that our innovation is viewed as whimsical, witty, joyful, light, jocular and playful. #LightenUp.”

No response yet from the prime minister’s office, but we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    Nope, not in good taste, Delta 9.

    Our prime minister gets enough bashing from the right wingnuts. We don't need to contribute from the cannabis community.

    And I stopped calling it "dope" years ago. Have a little respect for the weed, please.

    1. Maxcatski Reply

      But it does kind of roll off the tongue after you say it a few times, doesn't it?

      Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Justin Trudope. OK, it's funny, but still not in good taste.

  2. Jade Reply

    This is a huge slap in the face to Canadian Cannabis advocates who have been fighting hard to make the transition into what has become the farce and hoax of Cannabis legalization. This is basically sticking it to the people who really are the ones who made the difference and then highlighting the person responsible for their jail time and incarceration. I hope you all are proud over there.

  3. Gordon Gray Reply

    Formulated for the chronically-low cognition coefficient cannabis crowd that are eager and willing to wrap their
    lips around Justin. Enjoy!