Department of Justice report says Cannabis Act an “ongoing source of uncertainty”

A new Department of Justice report says cannabis legalization requires a rapid response that must be carefully balanced with input from stakeholders

A new Department of Justice report says cannabis legalization requires a rapid response that must be carefully balanced with input from stakeholders.

The Department of Justice’s 2016-17 Departmental Results Report, which sets out the details of what the government has been working on in terms of legislation, was released today.

The report notes that the “accelerated pace” at which these new policy issues like cannabis legalization have come about is an “ongoing source of uncertainty” that poses “challenges for timely policy and program responses.”

To manage these concerns, the Department says it has continued to monitor the process and emerging trends to help inform how it will move forward on important issues like legalization, impaired driving, and an end to discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Among the various new policy issues covered in the last year, the report says cannabis legalization creates challenges in terms of responsiveness to new and emerging policy priorities, maintaining partnerships necessary for policy and program development and delivery, and meeting evolving demands for legal services.

To address these concerns, the Department says it will continue to maintain and develop conversations with the related departments impacted by this new legislation, as well as implementing cost recovering methods.

Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, has been one of the government’s leads on legalization, helping guide both Bill C-45—the Cannabis Act—and Bill C-46, the companion impaired driving legislation, through the House of Commons.

“As part of its broad responsibilities for policy in matters relating to the administration of justice, departmental staff provided extensive support to the Government in meeting its commitment to uphold Canada’s Constitution and the rule of law in carrying out its policy objectives, on both the domestic and international fronts,” says Wilson-Raybould in a prepared statement.

The government also released a ‘Mandate Tracker’ today which states that cannabis legalization is one of 218 bills that are underway and on track.

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    it's a good thing the government is proceeding at an "accelerated pace" or legalization would never happen.

    Obviously, the Department of Justice would prefer the status quo of prohibition. Change is hard to deal with for all of us sometimes.

    And forget the cost recovery. The Cannabis tax grab is already on!