Dried cannabis price scan, Dec 16 2016

A detailed ACMPR price comparison from data taken on December 16th.

d1Cannabinoid level and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid and flower pricing data for all available dried cannabis flowers and milled blends to understand how these prices change over time and to highlight offerings with the best value.

d2Data for this summary was taken December 16th 2016. Publicly available information was logged for all available dried cannabis flower and blends in the ACMPR. THC and CBD content and non-compassionate price were logged for each strain and, in the cases where ranges of cannabinoids were given, midpoint averages were used. For the producers offering volume discounts, we’ve used the lowest available price in the summary. In cases where the same strains were offered by two different providers, and for strains that were available in whole flower and blended form, data was logged for each instance.

All flower and blended dried cannabis offerings were categorized according to cannabinoid content. Offerings with ratios of 1.4+ THC:CBD were considered THC offerings. Those with 1.4-0.6 THC:CBD were considered 1:1 offerings, while the remainder (<0.6 THC:CBD) were considered CBD offerings.

There were 155 blends and flowers available from the 21 Licensed Producers in the ACMPR, down from 169 offerings last month. The average number of selections per producer is back down to 7, from 8 last month. Some producers showed high levels of variety (Aphria, Canna Farms, Delta, and Whistler all had at least 11 offerings) while others had few (Aurora and Organigram had 4 or less). Mettrum was the sole producer without dried cannabis available during the time the data was taken.

d3Of the 155 currently available offerings, 112 of them were considered THC offerings. Licensed Producers had an average of 5 THC offerings available; although some had as few as 0 (Aurora, Mettrum) and as high as 10 (Whistler, Delta, and Aphria).

Most licensed producers that had dried cannabis available, also had at least one offering containing CBD. Save for Mettrum and AB Cann, all licensed producers had a 1:1 offering available, while only 10 of the 21 producers did not have a CBD offering available. In total, there were 19 CBD offerings and 24 1:1 offerings counted ACMPR-wide.

d4For all 155 offerings, the average price per gram was $9.02, down slightly from the average price found last month ($9.04). Looking at price with respect to cannabinoid content, the average prices for 100mg of THC rose slightly from $5.34 to $5.42. Prices are typically higher for CBD strains: the average price of 100mg of CBD was $8.17 this month. Cannabinoid prices from 1:1 offerings tend to stick closer to THC prices, although they will vary in higher magnitudes. For 100mg of THC/CBD from a 1:1 strain, the average price is $5.47.

d5This month, 30% of THC offerings (34 of the 112 offerings) claimed above 20% THC. Three strains note THC contents above 24%. MariCann has a Headband with 26.9% THC available. Broken Coast’s Afghani Kush had 24.4% THC, and Emblem’s Liv by Lift boasted a healthy 24.2% THC.

d6Tweed, Aphria, Bedrocan, Canntrust and MedReleaf all had strains available with significant amounts of CBD with less than 1% THC. Both Aurora and Canntrust claimed the highest available CBD from a CBD offering, 18% CBD with 2% and 0.9% THC respectively.

d7For 1:1 strains, Whistler’s CBD Shark, MedReleaf’s Midnight, and Hydropothecary’s Midday Vault Reserve are of notably high cannabinoid contents, cannabinoids from this group surpass 20% THC/CBD.

This summary tracks cannabinoid content and price from around the ACMPR. Much of the data presented here is shown as summarized producer averages comprised of several offerings. For strain specific information, as well as information on each producer, check out Lift and read the reviews in the review section.


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  1. Robert Reply

    All overpriced mass produced garbage garbage treated with pesticides and mildewcides I want my cannabis grown by someone who puts some love into their plants and grows organically these people are out there but they are a secretive bunch for good reason and winning their trust is not easy because they don't want to get arrested most have day jobs and earn some extra growing because they love growing it's a hobby for them.