Why Germany is the next big thing for the Canadian cannabis industry

This spring, Canadians will descend on Berlin for the International Cannabis Business Conference

Canada’s role in the international cannabis world market is growing as more countries legalize consumption for medical purposes. Canadian licensed producers such as Peace Naturals, Aurora and Canopy are already exporting medicinal cannabis to Germany, where medical cannabis was legalized in 2017.

"California gets the media attention and Canada gets the investment dollars as they allow adult use, but Germany's move to make cannabis flower available for medical use in pharmacies was really the big news of 2017 from a worldwide perspective," said Tom Adams, editor-in-chief at Arcview Market Research and principal analyst at BDS Analytics.

Canada's cannabis industry will descend on Berlin for the ICBC this April.

That’s why the Canadian cannabis industry is headed to Berlin this spring for the upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference, from April 12-13, 2018. The conference is packed full of sessions relevant to producers with plans to expand beyond Canada’s borders.

Here are a few of the most relevant speaker sessions:

Doing Cannabis Business Under German Law

Germany’s Dr. Walter Späth will break down of the legal framework governing the German Medical Cannabis System, as well as provide tips on current business opportunities and insight into how the German cannabis market could develop going forward.

High Stakes: International Cannabis Investments and Opportunities

This session will be led by Nic Easley, the Denver-based CEO of Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting. Easley will help guide attendees through complex emerging markets, provide tips on reducing risk and get you the information you need to run impactful, profitable company.

Importing to Germany

Six cannabis producers are offering more than 30 medicinal cannabis strains and extracts to German patients—will you be one of them? The number of German patients in need of medical cannabis is rising exponentially, and learning the ins and outs of importing to Germany will be key to tapping into this growing market.

Canadian Physicians’ Experience With Medical Cannabis

Doctors in Canada are currently prescribing cannabis to patients. Learn about how acceptance of medical cannabis applications has evolved among healthcare and regulatory bodies and how patients are accessing their medicine through the system.

The Business of Cannabis in Canada

A panel of five experts, including Canada’s Cannabis Wheaton’s Chuck Rifici and Ascent Industries’ Philip Campbell, will share their cannabis industry expertise on how to avoid common pitfalls and find success in this rapidly growing industry.

See the full conference schedule here.

This story was sponsored by the International Cannabis Business Conference.

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