Where to get cannabis clones and seeds legally in Canada

You finally got your approval to grow your own medical cannabis, now where do you find seeds and clones to start growing?

Authorized medical cannabis patients in Canada are allowed to grow their own cannabis or designate someone to grow for them. Below, Lift explores where you can legally source seeds and clones for those legal cannabis home grows.

In the wake of a 2015 court case that forced the government to allow personal cultivation of medical cannabis, Health Canada issued a rule change in late August, 2016, that created a rush of applications to grow. While Health Canada says the current wait time to get authorization is 2-4 months, the regulator also says they have authorized over 10,000 people to grow their own cannabis for medical purposes or designate someone to do so for them since the end of August, 2017.

One you get your authorization, the next question for many is how to get the plants or seeds you want to grow. Although there are numerous under-regulated sources of seeds and even clones online, currently the only legal sources from which to purchase seeds or clones in Canada are the thirty-odd licensed producers authorized by Health Canada. Nine of these producers currently offer either seeds or clones, with seven different producers offering clones and two offering seeds for sale.

Below is a list of information on each of these producers and what they offer. This list will be updated over time as new information and producers become available.

Canna Farms

Canna Farms offers three different varieties of clones for sale in groups of two. These two plants must be from the same strain and start at $175 for two, going up to $455 for six plants. Canna Farms cuts and roots each clone to order, so plants will take about four weeks before they are shipped.

Delta9 Biotech

Delta9 currently offers four strains in clone form: CBD Skunk Haze, Black Domina, Master Kush, and Kali Mist. Delta 9 clones are sold in a starter package of five clones for $250 and these must all be of the same strain. Each additional clone of the same strain will cost $20.


Maricann is advertising clones for sale for $75 for one plant, and up to $410 for six plants. Each additional clone after the sixth will cost $40. The company says they will begin rooting clones on a per-order basis and plants will be ready for shipment within three to four weeks from placement of the order.

Peace Naturals Project

Peace Naturals currently has no specific info on clone selection and pricing on their website, but earlier this year they told Lift they will initially be offering one strain for sale, Daybreak, at a rate of $75 for the first plant and $50 for each addition clone, up to five plants, plus shipping and handling, etc. They also include education materials as part of the starter kit.

THC Biomed

THC Biomed offers clones for sale at $20 a plant, plus packaging and shipping charges. The company currently has 21 different clone strains listed for sale. In addition, they offer a discounted price on dried product at $4.20/g to anyone ordering starting materials. According to patient feedback, the packaging fee is about $10 per plant.


WeedMD currently offers six different strains as clones at a price of three clones for $100, with no restrictions on mixing and matching different strains. Additional strains after the first three are $10 each. All orders over $150 include free shipping.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp.

WMMC offers what they call ‘starter kits’ of five plants of one strain for $750, with additional plants (same strain) for $20 each. They currently offer three: CBD White Shark, LSD, and White Widow.


CannTrust has seeds available and more info can be found out by calling their Customer Care Team at 1-855-794-2266.

Tweed Inc

Tweed currently offers ten different varieties of seeds for sale, from $30-$55 for three as part of their Home Grow collection.

Aurora Cannabis

Aurora is listed on Health Canada’s website as having clones for sale, but they still have nothing on their website. A customer care person at the company says they are waiting on finalizing their shipping container and more info should be available soon.

Clones at THC BioMed. Image via David Brown

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  1. William Nelson Reply

    I find it quite ironic that Dinafem is an approved supplier of cannabis seeds for the acmpr while simultaneously supplying seed into Canada's black market. I guess Health Canada doesn't do much research into these things.M

  2. Crystal Reply

    what a joke. these strains and seeds all came from patients with MMAR licenses & the black market. Now they're turning around and selling the same product back to the people they got it from at a 100%-1000% markup. If that's not racketeering, I don't know what is.