Israeli company invents metered-dose inhaler for cannabis

The device is currently undergoing testing in Israel

Will this be the invention that finally gets Canadian doctors on board with the idea of inhaled cannabis as a bonafide medical option for their patients? Syqe Medical, a company based in Israel, may just have the right device.

The inhaler the company is releasing is 3D printed in-house in the Holy Land, and it’s been kicking around for a couple years in hospital settings within Israel domestically, where testing of the device is currently ongoing.

We all know someone who needs to use an asthma inhaler. That’s probably the most familiar example of metered-dose inhalators we see out and about on a regular basis. Now, founder Perry Davidson hopes to extend that to cannabis with what he believes to be the first metered-dose inhalation device for cannabis.

Could this be something that licensed producers in Canada latch on to? Canadian licensed producers are striking all sorts of partnerships with companies that develop topicals, oral sprays, and even Listerine strip-like dissolvable films that can get patients fast relief.

Canadian licensed producers would jump at the chance to have a device like Syqe’s inhaler in their repertoire of intellectual property.

The company is now partnering with Teva Pharmaceuticals to distribute the device domestically—but the deal will also ostensibly help bring the device to potential markets worldwide and introduce it to the broader medical field.

It’s not the first time the pharmaceutical industry has taken a  interest in cannabis-based medicine. GW Pharma has been in clinical trial testing of a drug they have developed called Epidiolex, a purified liquid extract of 98% cannabidiol (CBD) for pediatric patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy disorders such as Dravet syndrome.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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