Comparing Licensed Producers' Cannabis Oil

Comparing and contrasting the cannabis oils offered by the Licensed Producers under Canada's MMPR

In response to a Supreme Court Case, R v Smith, in late July 2015 Health Canada approved the first two licensed producers for production of cannabis oil. Since then, 18 LP's have received a license to produce oil, while 6 have since received their license to sell cannabis oil. Below is some information comparing and contrasting the various oils being offered by these 6 producers, looking at factors like Cost, Dosage, and much more.

Currently, THC limits in cannabis oils are capped at 30mg/ml (3% THC) for bulk oil and 10mg/ml (1% THC) for oil in capsule form. There are no such caps on CBC levels. THC and CBD are the only two cannabinoids required to be listed by LP's.

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While at first glance these limits seem arbitrary (patients are actually allowed to possess and produce more cannabis products than they are permitted to purchase from Licensed Producers, upon closer inspection), the THC limits proposed actually reflect doses and concentrations of pharmaceutical forms of delta-9 THC, as well as dried cannabis and common edible products. These limits may be changed over time, depending on physician feedback and patient/consumer demand.

While many producers are focussing on R&D for various oil/cannabinoid delivery methods, the currently available products are all oils sold in 'bulk' bottles, rather than individual capsules, vaporizer cartridges, etc.

As more producers introduce new oil products for sale, this chart will be adjusted. Please check back for updates.

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