List of Prospective LP's under the ACMPR

Updated Sept 19, 2017 Below is a list of numerous 'prospective LP's'. These include both companies seeking to enter, and those already somewhere along in the long and complicated process off seeking Licensed Producer (LP) status form Health Canada under the ACMPR. This list is not meant...

Updated Sept 19, 2017

Below is a list of numerous 'prospective LP's'. These include both companies seeking to enter, and those already somewhere along in the long and complicated process off seeking Licensed Producer (LP) status form Health Canada under the ACMPR.

This list is not meant to be all-inclusive. According to Health Canada, there are hundreds of other applicants somewhere in the process. In addition, all locations are approximate, generally based on company addresses. Not all listed addresses are the actual locations of proposed production sites, some are corporate offices. To the best of our ability, we have tried to list the production site when that information is available. This information will be updated as new data becomes available.

Icon location on the map is also approximate so as to accommodate spacing and readability. For example, Alternabis has only listed their location as "BC", so their icon is in the middle of the Province. Dyma are not necessarily in Hanover, Ont, but list their offices as Toronto. To avoid putting too many close together, we have spread them through the region. Still, we hope this will give the reader a basic idea of where most companies are located.

If you know of one we missed, or one we got wrong, don't hesitate to send us a message, or comment here. Thanks!

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  1. Concerned reader Reply

    Is it possible to move the index of the 40 ‘prospective LP’s’ off BC. With located where it is, it is impossible to see any of the companies in western Canada.


    1. Profile photo of

      DThan Reply

      Hi concerned reader, Unfortunately that's simply a function of the way Google maps embeds. But you can manually move the map around by clicking on it, zooming in, etc. You can also un-check the list at the top, which will shrink that window. Hope that helps! -Lift

  2. JONATHAn Reply

    What does it mean for AMMCAN information? It says toronto Offices. Says "pre-approved"

    1. Profile photo of

      DThan Reply

      That is based upon this statement on their website: "We are very excited to share with You that AMMCan has officially received the pre-approval letter from Health Canada; Once our construction phase is finshed, we will have fulfilled the final part of licensing to grow and sell Medical Marihuana. We expect to receive our license in the fall of 2014 with with our Medicine to be ready for You in early 2015."

      1. Profile photo of

        DThan Reply

        The above list is in no way complete, and many new prospective companies have emerged since this map was last updated.

  3. Toad Reply

    Hey DThan was wondering if you have any heard any news on the new LPS up and comming anyone your keeping your eye on? I guess price product quality and types of seeds used to grow matter a lot... This whole experiance with PN for a lot of us has pushed us back to by meds from a dealer on the streets ... Ive just sent my forms to Tilray but im having issues paying more to a legit company than i can call someone up and find my meds cheeper on the street.

    I have voiced this to tilray they say soon they might look at lowering prices but im not holding my breath lol ... Im looking forward to the fall hope we see some new competition and hope a few underdogs steel everyones business by offering 2-4$ a gram it would be great news to see a company come in and take over this shady business, it seems these company's only cair of one thing thats to make money and not care for the people who depend on these meds!

    Toad out

    1. Profile photo of

      DThan Reply

      Delta9 appears to have a very good compassion pricing program, but they are having a very slow roll-out of their products. I'm very interested to see what happens with Organigram and MedReleaf in the coming months, they both have some very interesting products and approaches. CannaFarms has several strains available for about $5/gram, I believe. We will likely see prices go lower once there are more LP's and more product. Until then, demand is exceeding supply, which means higher prices, unfortunately. I believe the real issue is that these products are as-yet not covered by any Provincial or Federal program like most prescription drugs. We need to push to change this.

      1. Toad Reply

        Is there a way we all can help to get the ball rolling to get our meds covered by prescription? Maybe some type of petition or letters we can write to helth canada? Id be intrested and willing to help anyway possible as im sure most of our members would also.
        Todd out.

  4. MMJ Hype Reply

    Fantastic post! Thanks for the list! What happened to Greenleaf?

  5. frank Reply

    Nice article but where did you get your info from? How credible is your source of info? Thanks

    1. frank Reply

      D than, any chance you can explain how you know abcann and aphria have been approved while the rest of the world is kept in the dark????

      1. Profile photo of

        David Reply

        It's on their websites. Check and

  6. Kyle Reply

    Any word on CENbio getting approved? I think once they are approved it will allow for a price drop per gram based on their production projections.

    1. Jons242 Reply

      You mean FITX? lol.....No

  7. Jons242 Reply

    You map is not accurate Tweed now has TWO licensed facilities.

    1. Profile photo of

      DThan Reply

      Thanks for the reminder! We'll update it tonight.

  8. Luke Scott Reply

    Thanks for this info. So there are currently 16 LP's, not 13 as stated on Health Canada's list?

    1. DBrown Reply

      Some sources are now saying there are as many as 25 or 30 who are now fully approved, but are not yet selling and therefore can opt-out of being on the Health Canada list yet. There is also a good chance that many of these 25 or 30 are affiliate facilities much like Tweed has with their NOTL facility.

  9. Amy Thrower Reply

    Where is REDECAn PHARM on this list?

    1. Profile photo of

      David Reply

      Tell me more about them?

  10. Keith Reply

    Hey David (Or any others):

    Ill be getting my MM License in a week or 2 and they asked me to decide what LP I want to provide the MM.

    I have read a lot about Tilray and others having huge stock issues.

    Do you currently have a supplier you recommend?


  11. Steve Reply

    Sa serait à peut pres temps que santé canada à prouve lp zenabis pour la production de canabis medicinal, ici dans le nord West du nouveau brunswick on support ce projet a 100%100

  12. chris Reply

    For prospective LP you can add AAA Heidelberg. They're in London, Ontario. Chlormet Technologies on the CSE owns it.

    1. Profile photo of David Brown

      David Brown Reply

      Thanks, Chris! I'll add them now.

      1. John Simon Reply

        Is there an updated list of LP's and LD's available?

  13. Pembro Reply

    Any more info on KindCann and Arcana Gardens? would love to be able to contact them about a job. thanks

  14. Steve Reply

    How many LP's can you be registered for at once? It seems to me that if you are registered at one, you should be able to buy at others depending on the stock on hand and the price.

    1. Profile photo of David Brown

      David Brown Reply

      There is nothing in the regulations preventing your doctor from signing you up for multiple producers, however, you must use a separate document for each one. I agree that it would make more sense to allow people to shop around based on one 'prescription'.

  15. abba Reply

    Hi David, AMS -Alternative Medical Solution is Pre-licensed MMPR candidate MISSING in list?

    As per FB/news published October 25 they are assisted by USA firm (BLDV-Michigan MJ/consul services etc)to secure $12 mil funding concluding in next 14 days to move ahead. (Nov 8?)

    Thank you for your time and update

  16. Jeff Reply

    is the list up to date? I did not know Northern Vine Labs had a LP application in the application process - Do we know what stage they are in? Also - the list needs to be updated to include Experion

    1. Profile photo of David Brown

      David Brown Reply

      Hi Jeff,

      No, this list has not been updated in about a year or so. You can see the full list of approved producers at