“Medical Cannabis and Clinical Research in Canada” event coming to Montreal

The Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC) will be hosting an event in Montreal on Dec 8th, 2016 titled “Medical Cannabis and Clinical Research in Canada”.

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis is a growing multi-billion dollar industry. Canada is positioned to be a leader in this industry and in the field of medical cannabis research. The cannabis plant is currently used for a wide variety of medical conditions, and exciting research is underway in Canada showing its therapeutic effects.

Event Date/Time: December 8th, 2016 from 6 to 10 pm

Event Location: Hilton Hampton Inn et Suites, 1900, route Transcanadienne, Dorval, Quebec H9P 2N4 Canada                           

Register Today: http://www.craconline.ca/event/crac-talks-montreal-medical-cannabis-and-clinical-research-in-canada/

Website: www.craconline.ca

Learning Objectives

Adam Greenblatt

  1. Provide an overview of the unique medical marijuana landscape in Quebec including barriers to safe and legal access to medical cannabis and the requirement to prescribe under a research study.
  2. Discuss his role as an advocate including his new role as Head of Quebec Engagement.


  1. Discuss the clinical use of medical cannabis, including patient demographics and use in the management of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, PTSD and other conditions and symptoms.
  2. Discuss the current Canadian medical cannabis landscape, including breaking down the stigma, the role of the licensed producers, regulatory role of Health Canada, education of physicians and patients, and the chain from Production to Sales, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  3. Introduce the research studies conducted at MedReleaf including future research opportunities and next steps for the industry.
  4. Review the roles and opportunities of working in this new and emerging industry.


We are also thrilled to have individuals from one of the prominent Licensed Producers, MedReleaf (Shannon O’Hearn and Angelo Fefekos), to speak about the production of medical cannabinoids as well as the research that they are doing in this area including their landmark PTSD research study.

We are honoured to have a cannabis industry pioneer, Adam Greenblatt, who will share his insights on the medical marijuana landscape, including the barriers to safe and legal access to medical cannabis in Quebec.

About the Speakers

Adam Greenblatt is a self-taught advocate for safe access to medical cannabis and sensible drug policy reform and has been immersed in the cannabis movement and industry for more than a decade. Adam is currently the Head of Quebec Engagement for Tweed (Canada’s largest licensed producer under the ACMPR). He is a co-founder of Santé Cannabis, Montréal’s first cannabinoid clinic and medical cannabis resource centre. Santé Cannabis is the largest collaborator in the Quebec Cannabis Registry, which is a one-of- a-kind pharmacovigilance study into the use of medical cannabis.

MedReleaf is a Canadian Licensed Producer (under Health Canada) and distributor of medical cannabis and the only one that is ISO-9001:2008 certified. They provide more cannabis to patients than any other producer in Canada. They have over 20 ongoing investigative research initiatives, an extensive plant breeding program, and regular patient monitoring and data analysis. MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous benefits of medical cannabis, and on validating new treatment options for patients.

Angelo Fefekos: Angelo Fefekos is VP Quality Assurance & Compliance at MedReleaf and brings over a decade of experience in quality assurance and laboratory technology to MedReleaf operations. His leadership and technical skills were most recently demonstrated in his role as manager of a team of 40 in the Division of Diagnostic Medical Genetics and Allograft Technologies at Mount Sinai Hospital. There, he successfully implemented Canada’s first, hospital-based manufactured and labeled ‘sterile’ human tissue for transplant use. He is also a Member of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario.

Shannon O’Hearn: Shannon supervises a quickly growing team of 15, who service all MedReleaf patients (Patient Care Department). Shannon is also the Project Manager of Clinical Research, and works closely with other departments within MedReleaf to coordinate project planning, protocol development, regulatory and ethics submissions, and working relationships with external research teams and initiatives sponsored by MedReleaf.

About the Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC)

The Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC) provides a uniquely Canadian perspective designed to serve the needs of clinical research professionals. Regular dinner events offer members the opportunity to network with other clinical research professionals and hear from industry experts on hot topics facing our industry.

CRAC was started in May 1988 – making it over 25 years old!  In total we have about 15 meetings per year PLUS we host a 2 day conference, Canada Talks Pharma, being held in Montreal in 2017.

We are a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers!  CRAC is proud to offer its members the only Canadian certification in clinical research: Clinical Research Professional of Canada (CRPC).  The examination includes Health Canada, FDA and EMA regulations. The objectives are to provide a means for certification of Canadian clinical research professionals, to promote an understanding of Canadian regulations, to create a process for credentialing by a professional Canadian group, and to create a platform of recognition for Canadians working in clinical research located in Canada and around the world.

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