Meet the many faces of cannabis

Lift’s #facesofcannabis campaign celebrates the diversity of cannabis culture

As the voice—and ears—of the Canadian cannabis industry, Lift is tuned into the cannabis plant’s many benefits, and its varied consumers. But outside these pages, we know that many still perceive cannabis through a lens of stereotypes and stigma.

That’s why we’re calling on everyone who has benefited from cannabis in some way—as a patient, an entrepreneur, a researcher, an enthusiast, a parent, a friend—to share their story.

Post your story and a photo of yourself on social media with the hashtag #facesofcannabis for a chance to win a Pax 3 vaporizer, and be sure to join us at the Toronto Lift Cannabis Expo this May 26 – 28.

And now, read on for six inspiring stories from just a few of the many faces of cannabis….

Leslie Best & Piper Sue

“We use cannabis as an option that isn’t going to wreak so much havoc on the rest of our bodies. The other treatment choice for Piper's Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep (PANDAS) was daily antibiotics, and cannabis has no negative side effects on Piper. She’s able to go to school, play with other kids and and hasn't had to deal with the tics and stutter that comes with her PANDAS flares. It’s important for me to be involved so that cannabis can become a more readily accessible treatment solution for people of all ages.”

Nina Rakic

“Insomnia did more than keep me awake at night. It made me lose focus in school, lose coordination, lose my temper. I was afraid of being addicted to sleeping pills, so I stayed up. That's until I started using medical cannabis and got my life back.”

Nancy J. Spotton

“I am a cancer survivor who knew I could solve this—my own way. Through the whole process, experiencing the pain, experiencing the fatigue, not once did any doctor that I interacted with mention that I could use marijuana as an alternative. You get to the end of it, you get clean and realize that it was just the beginning. After punishing your body with stress, with medication, your kidneys and liver are in really bad shape. It was only then that I was introduced to cannabis and it changed me. I don’t smoke—there are alternatives. That’s why I’m here:  to show people that there is an alternative to the opiates.”

Kevin Zammit

“I am a personal trainer and business owner. I have been using cannabis for about 10 years, after a debilitating motor accident. It was integral to my recovery, both physical and mental; cannabis saved my life. Now, as an injury-free athlete, I still reap the benefits—CBD minimizes inflammation and helps me bench.”

Dr. Michael Verbora

“I am a doctor at the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic and I am participating in this campaign because it’s important for people to know that there are physicians who are well-educated in this topic and can help them. I have seen patients whose ailments range in scope from chronic pain to neurological issues such as MS and ALS. I also deal with children who have epilepsy, which is a particularly rewarding part of my job.”

Mia Amzovski

“I started using medical cannabis after a pretty bad injury to my back. Cannabis helped me tremendously in dealing with chronic pain and getting through rehab. I was able to jump right back into MMA training and get back to work.”

Post your story on social media with the hashtag #facesofcannabis for a chance to win a Pax 3 vaporizer, and be sure to join us at the Toronto Lift Cannabis Expo this May 26 – 28.

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  1. Robert Reply

    I wonder if under the liberals we have to protect the children legalization if kids like piper will be able to use cannabis or will they be denied and their parents be jailed because they chose their child's health over the law is he law.

  2. Ingeborg Hoare Reply

    My 94yr old mother has been suffering for years with debilitating leg and shoulder pain. After many unsuccessful
    test , morphine, percacet , tylenol 3 etc etc she blew me away and asked her doctor to prescribe cannabis . She always had a preconceived vision of sitting in a corner smoking a very large joint.
    With the oral oil she is better but not yet painfree. We're working on dosage now.