MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Jan 30 - Feb 5

MMPR Strain Reviews this week from Bedrocan, Broken Coast Cannabis and Whistler Medical Marijuana

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Metalturtle reviews Bediol® by Bedrocan:


Hey guy! I tried this strain when it became available at the good price of 5$/g. I was very inpressed with the product; good buzz but not over powering, and good relaxation of muscles aka less pain! I acquired it through Tweed, as I am a patient with them rather than Bedrocan. I must say; alfthough i find the buds to be very good , I am happy i am a tweed customer rather than Bedrocan. I found that the packaging was disrespectful of such a nice bud! I mean squished in a pill bottle like container to the point where you need to poke it out of the container , ehich is just not good for your trichromes. I find it to be priced too high when not on sale, and the price was the main barrier to me tryin this product before , which i found to provide very good releif of pain and migraine symptoms.

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HappyMaritimer reviews God Kush by Broken Coast Cannabis:

Lasqueti is an excellent choice for those medicating for ADHD. Although this indica dominant strain has a higher THC content of 21%, it brings an uplifting buzz that relaxes the muscles and helps with focusing under stress. The flavor is quite exotic offering a clean yet subtle fruit essence . With ADHD not just anykind of cannabis can suffice as medicine and may actually worsen symptomso. The therapeutic value of God Kush considers all the symptoms of day to day life dealing with ADHD. The effects are much more of a body high rather than a head high which is good for ADHD patients in two ways: 1 it provides relaxing relief to the body without clouding the mind. I would recommend this strain in the evening as it helps calm ones nerves down to unwind for the night. Excellent for morning use as well as there isn't a strong crash because coming down from, it's effects decrease gradually overtime

Aesthetically pleasing , God Kush comes in earthy green with dark purple metallic hues all over the bud.

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Organic Caveman reviews Trainwreck by Whistler Medical Marijuana:

This is a nice sativa strain that I have enjoyed many times long ago but never knew its name.
The lemony pine pungency is more evident when broken up but strong upon opening the jar.
The buds are thin, a few small bits with one large flower cluster wrapped around ample dry stems. This is not the usual dense buds we associate with quality, however these small sticky flowers if sparse are made dense and firm with the ample trichromes and perfect curing, these are sweet sticky organic flowers.
Smooth, light tasting with a sweet pine lemon, tastes sticky like in the old days. ( makes me feel a bit old!)
A warmness emanating through my face right away, a sharpening of focus and brightening of the already sunny February day- Nice.
My second sample from Whistler and the lowest THC of the 3 sativas I ordered.......very nice, my favorited so far and the lowest priced but still expensive at $10 per G- however I would like to note that unlike the other producers who charge tax on the advertised prices Whistlers listed prices are tax and shipping included, so that does have an impact on the total bill.
Having just joined up with Whistler I have to say I'm blown away by the customer service and speed at which they hit me registered. If not for a paperwork slip up from my Dr and my slight misunderstanding they would have had me ready to order the same day I saw my Dr-
Unbelievable compared to my other experiences, great job folks, and keep up the great work with the fantastic organic gardening!

- just adding to this review a few days ( and samples later) for full effect. Being with A hydroponic licensed producer previously I'll have to get back used to normal sized organic buds, much more like what you would expect to see at a dispensary. Maybe not as visually impressive but the effects are strong, clear and long lasting and the smoke very smooth. Perfect curing and moisture content, mountain glacier fed beets Lake Ontario recycled water, one of he reasons the grass really is greener on the west Coast side!
The Down side? A few immature seeds and a bit branchy, weight was dead on (not what I've experienced elsewhere), large jars need some packing paper so the buds don't bounce around and deteriorate.
So all in all top notch, if your a Sativa fan you'll appreciate and enjoy the sharp energy boost, leaves me a bit skeeters so best to have a task in mind to avoid too much multi (distracted) tasking, if you know what I mean. Keeps the back pain at bay and offers long relief to gastric issues, wish I had ordered mired this, will have to hoard the small 5g jar !

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