MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Apr 16 - Apr 22

Aphria, Organigram & Canna Farms are highlighted in this week's MMPR Strain Reviews.

Here are some highlighted MMPR strain reviews left on Lift over the past week.  To see all reviews, visit

AOK reviews Teslin by Aphria Inc.:

I recently ordered a 10gm bottle of Teslin from Aphria. Representatives at Aphria told me that this is their version of the "Mango" strain, which is an Indica dominant hybrid. I initially got this strain because other patients said that it was great for inducing sleep. I can confirm that it delivers as promised! I vapourized some last night and noticed that it made me feel very relaxed, but not quite sleepy. It did not have the over-powering/couchlock effect that you might get from other Indica strains. In fact, Teslin gave me a very calm feeling that allowed me to focus on some work that I hadn't finished from earlier in the day. I worked for hours without feeling tired or sleepy or hungry. I also used it again today and got a ton of work done. I also went to the gym and I had enough energy to work out.

Teslin has a very pleasant (and somewhat pungent) pine and fruity smell. I didn't taste any mango flavors, but it definitely has one of the smoother draws from a vapourizer. The vapour is very light, fruity, and has a zesty aftertaste. It tastes better than just about every other strain I've tried at Aphria (Panache, Erie, Tamaracouta, Athabasca).

In general, I think this strain's main strength is that it induces a very relaxing sensation while keeping you clear-headed. I have tried other strains from Aphria and felt "out of it" on them. Teslin, like Panache, is very smooth and relaxed sailing.

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GanjaZombie reviews River Rock (BC God Bud) by OrganiGram:

I always tend to gravitate towards the strains with higher THC content and this was another score for OrganiGram - An earthy scent, plentiful buds and a slow burn makes me a happy girl. The high for me was a feeling of pure relaxation, almost like I was underwater. Very pleasant experience. An excellent recommendation for those that have a hard time shutting down after a long day. As an insomniac, I can tell you this hit me pretty hard. I slept almost six hours straight. Definitely will be buying again.

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Dakota reviews Pink Kush by Canna Farms:

Expensive. This is one of my favorite strains for pain relief and euphoric happiness how to treat depression or even anxiety. I find I like to take this on the weekend anytime I can evenings this is not what I would do while you have to work this is one that will relax you but also make you still have energy to do stuff that you need to get done. It has been one of the most expensive purchases I have made so far. When I first became a client back in December this was a reasonably priced strain that $8.50 a gram. I have also seen a few other strains they were down but they've gone up $2 a gram since December. Very good strain Vanna farms does do the strain well I just feel the price is a blue I would like to see it down there but that's me as a consumer. The effects of this are immediately got a good body buzz and very good headstone not one that you can't do anything but one that you will enjoy to relax after A Hard Day's Work

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