MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Aug 13 - Aug 19

Highlighted MMPR/ACMPR reviews this week from Tilray, Aurora and CannTrust

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Medinorr reviews Tilray CBD Drops 1:1 by Tilray:

I decided to try the CBD 1:1 drops from Tilray to combat my anxiety and keep my pain levels in check during the day.
Tilray states that the effects of this product will be anywhere from 8-12 hours so naturally, I was curious.

So far, I have not been overly disappointed. The drops work very well. However, in order to get the effect I want, I need to take a LOT. Which in all honesty, I don't have a problem with. Each bottle contains 7 grams of cannabis so I was prepared to require a larger dosage due to my tolerance levels.

The drops took a little over an hour to kick in. Once they did, I experienced relief for around 8 hours. The drops are very discreet and quick to take. I took them first thing in the morning and again after work.

The carrier oil for this product is coconut oil. So in all honesty, I am not sure what I expected for the taste. However, the flavor of this is appalling. I read suggestions saying that it can be put in a drink or food to combat this but I found that putting the drops under my tongue and then chewing minty gum was the best method of use. It got rid of the taste quickly and I was able to carry on with my day.

As usual, Tilray delivered reasonably quickly and I experienced no concerns on their end.

All in all, the drops are a great method of use for those who do not want to smoke or vaporize and do not have the time to prepare edibles. I plan on purchasing this oil again.

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Jonjm reviews 3 Sisters (Dairy Queen) by Aurora:

3 Sisters (Dairy Queen)

Dairy Queen is a sativa dominant strain from Aurora boasting a high THC content of 23.4%. Aurora is producing some excellent strains with very interesting flavors and unique scents, this is one of them.

Appearance- The flowers of Dairy Queen are tight nugs most about the size of a loonie. They are bright green and heavily frosted in trichomes. There are also numerous rusty orange pistiles throughout. The flowers carry a pungent smell of sweet cream with a bit of cheese and berry/fruit sweetness. Soft serve definitely comes to mind here, it is unusual and a stronger smell than i was expecting. Cure is good and has just the right amount of moisture content. Props to Aurora for producing some very interesting smelling and high quality buds. As always the packaging is very good. Aurora has been shipping every container with a Boveda humidity pouch to keep the buds at 62% humidity. This is a nice touch and does the job it intends.

Inhale- I have used vaporizers(Goboof alpha, S&B Plenty) and also smoked Dairy Queen in joint form. All were good choices. The vaporizer gives a fairly light taste and comes across creamy with mint and pine, very unique. Smoking these flowers is a creamy, burnt sugar, mint. The smoke can and usually will bring on heavy coughing. I've noticed several of Auroras strains are very smooth smooth but they can induce coughing.

Effects- This strain is another fairly heavy hitting high. Usually by the 2nd or 3rd draw I am gone! The high itself is uplifted, motivating and very clean. It can last many hours depending on how many draws I've had. It is a powerful strain with intense effects so caution to novice users, I would start slow with a few draws and work my way up to see how far I'm comfortable.
I have found the effects to be fairly similar to Warwick #2 almost as uplifting and clear feeling for me. If you like Warwick #2 or Lemon Haze, I think you will enjoy 3 Sisters (Dairy Queen).

This is another great strain with a very interesting smell and taste and i look forward to trying it again in the near future.

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Opening the jar of Canntrust's Warlock I was met with an enjoyable aroma of berry, grape with an earth and sour edge to it. Quite nice. The buds themselves were of a good size, dense, nicely trimmed and not too dry or wet. When ground up they fluffed up very nicely. Smoking in a joint or vaping in my table top vaporiser was pretty much smooth without much harshness or cough resulting.
The effect of this strain I found to be very much like Canntrust's Royal Purple Kush, but milder in effect. Even a large dose of Warlock compared to a small dose of the RP Kush (to bring the THC amount more in line) showed the Warlock to be similar but milder. And so to kind of reiterate what I stated in my RPK review, Warlock produces a nice indica body effect, relaxing, sedated, pain free, but with a milder cerebral effect than most indicas. This is not a bad thing for me as I like to have a milder strain for day time and a stronger strain for night time. I would definitely like to use this strain again, especially in balance with the RPK. Hopefully Canntrust will bring both of these strains back soon.

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