Network your way into a cannabis job

Meeting people is the best way to get a foot in the door, here are some tips from a pro

If you're like many people who see opportunity in the cannabis industry in Canada, you’re probably wondering where to meet other professionals, and where to find a new job.

Sure, you could head outside and ‘follow your nose’ to find local people in your area who use cannabis, but that’s probably not the best use of your time. Networking groups, cannabis trade shows and conferences are proliferous in Canada, with a price to match any budget.

Lift Cannabis Expo

There are many professional networking groups across the country you can attend for professional networking. Groups like CaneXions, Women Grow and Leaf Forward hold regular meetings where professionals, entrepreneurs, patients and enthusiasts come together.

Groups like these often have an online presence such as a Facebook group you can join. Be sure to participate in the forums, ask questions, engage others and let them know who you are and what you do.

You may be surprised to learn how many hemp and cannabis conferences are regularly happening around Canada.

Hempfest Cannabis Expo, Grow Up,  Canadian Cannabis Business Conference and Lift Expo hold trade shows in cities across Canada. These shows bring people together from across the country to showcase their products and services. You can pay for a booth if you’d like your company to have a visible presence, or bring your business cards and work the room.

Many of these events use ticketing service providers, such as Eventbrite or Meet Up.  By using their sites to search for cannabis related events in your area, you may be able to find something that peaks your interest.

You can also find many news sites in Canada that will keep you in the loop on events across the country.  Keep an eye on Canada 420’s events page for any upcoming gatherings in your area or online courses you can participate in.

Stay in the loop by visiting cannabis-focused news sites, like Lift News or Cannabis Life Network and joining their forums.

You aren’t the only person in your area looking to networking in the cannabis industry, so don’t be shy about meeting the wonderful, inclusive and diverse group of people that make up Canada’s professional cannabis community.


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