New market data shows continued increase in ACMPR enrollment by Canadians

235,621 active registrations were recorded up to September 30, 2017, with 10,916 approved to grow cannabis for medical purposes.

Health Canada has released their newest market data for medical cannabis, showing a continued increase in patient enrollments.

235,621 active registrations were recorded up to September 30, 2017 with the most registrations in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia. For the first time since the program began, the total number of shipments went down slightly in September, with 109,603, down from 111,511 the previous month. It's important to note that 'active registrations' does not refer to how many individuals are registered, as Canadians can have more than one active registration at a time. 

Eric Costen, Health Canada

As of September 2017, 2,643 medical practitioners provided a medical document for Canadians to access medical cannabis. The total number of medical practitioners who have ever provided access is 10,433. The average amount of cannabis authorized per day is slightly up, at 2.5 grams a day from 2.3 in previous months.

11,640 Canadians were authorized to grow their own cannabis for medical purposes as of the end of September 30, 2017. 10,916 of these are personal grows, while another 724 are designated to produce for another Canadian. 2,925 applications for personal cultivation licenses were processed in September. 3,212 were processed in August.

Health Canada notes that they continue to make improvements to their data reporting, including the addition of how many medical practitioners have ever provided a medical document. Health Canada also now reports the total number of client shipments per month by province of residence; and the total number of medical practitioners per month that provided a medical document for a client who registered with a licensed producer, among other changes.

The full report can be read here

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    Well, Health Canada has been completely useless at reissuing my permit to grow. My application was received at Health Canada on August 11, 2017. My permit expired October 20, 2017. Health Canada has not responded to my last two emails asking for help. My monthly phone calls yield no new information.

    It's not easy being legal. Maybe it's time for someone to sue the government over cannabis - again. They seem to have forgotten the intent of the ruling which requires "reasonable access".

    Issue the permits and do the diligence afterward if there is no time to do it up front. Six months is too long to wait for a renewal, especially when living plants are involved.

    Get with the program, Health Canada.

    1. Maxcatski Reply

      Health Canada confirmed today that my permit was issued yesterday. Hallelujah!

      It still took 151 days from the date they received my application to issue the renewal.

      I will be sending a new application next month, five months from expiry.