Ontario's MariCann to begin taking orders for clones

The greenhouse grower will begin taking orders for three different strains to registered patients

Another licensed producer announced yesterday that they will begin selling clones to registered patients. MariCann, a greenhouse producer in southern Ontario, released information on Tuesday about their clone program.

MariCann is now the fourth Licensed Producer to offer clones for sale since Health Canada announced new rules last August allowing registered patients to apply for approval to grow their own cannabis, or to designate a grower. No licensed producers have offered seeds for sale.

Richard Kropman, VP of Operations at MariCann, says they will be offering three different strains: an Indica-dominant Passion Kush, a high CBD Cannatonic, and a high THC Wine Gums. The intention, Kropman says, is to provide patients with a relatively easy-to-grow option (Passion Kush), as well as a high CBD and a High THC, giving patients a good cross section to start with.

Demand for the clones has not been high, though. Kropman says they have only received one phone call from a patient inquiring about plants since Health Canada changed the rules. Health Canada, however, has been eager to get more licensed producers offering clones for sale, and Kropman said MariCann was happy to work with them to make it happen.

“Health Canada has been requesting it and we have pushed the project to help them. We want to make sure that people can get access, so we’re willing to do the work.”

Pricing and shipping information is available on MariCann’s website, with prices starting at $55 each, or 6 for $210, plus shipping, handling, and tax.

One other licensed producer who announced their intention to begin selling clones late last year says they will begin shipping next week. Canna Farms, based in Hope, British Columbia, says they have been experimenting with shipping methods over the the holidays and are now satisfied with their ability to safely ship clones across Canada, even in the winter.

They began taking pre-orders in November, but have been taking time to make sure they feel confident in shipping live plants in Canada, even in the winter," says Ray Laflamme, co-founder of Canna Farms. 

“We did a test with our lab in New Brunswick.," said LaFlamme. "We packaged up some clones in different scenarios as an experiment — some in dirt, some not in dirt, some old, some young, some with light, some without — and put them in a styrofoam box and sent that off. It took 5 days to get to New Brunswick in the winter, and they all survived. So we feel confident now.”

“It definitely gives us a path forward. At this point, we’re ready to ship clones on Monday, and we’ve got orders for about 50 plants right now.”

Canna Farms will initially be offering White Widow, Chernobyl, and CBD Skunk Haze (details and pricing for each strain can be found below). Full details from Canna Farms can be found here.

Whistler Medical Marijuana Co. in Whistler, BC was the first to announce clones for sale last October. Prices start at $750 for 5 clones, with subsequent clones at $20 each.

THC Biomed, a producer in Kelowna, BC, announced late last December that they will begin selling 29 different varieties for $20 each, plus shipping and handling. THC Biomed recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with CloneShipper, a U.S. based company that creates packaging products used to transport live plants.

CannTrust, an Ontario producer, announced late last year that they expect to have starting materials ready by January 2017. They have now changed that target to February 2017.

Authorized patients who wish to grow their own cannabis must apply through Health Canada and then register with a licensed producer.

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