Playing matchmaker: Celebrity endorsed cannabis from Canada’s Licensed Producers

We've already got snoop. Who will be the next celebrity to endorse a Canadian cannabis brand? Here are a few ideas.

Recently, Tweed released a new strain that has been cause for conversation within the cannabis community: Leafs by Snoop. Earlier this week, we re-posted a picture of Leafs by Snoop from Instagram, which sparked an interesting debate.

There were two clear opinions of celebrity endorsed medical cannabis. On one side, you have the argument that this type of branding will make it hard to try to advocate for affordability and insurance coverage for medical cannabis. On the other, there are marketers and cannabis enthusiasts excited to see ‘the future of the marketing/branding side of the industry’.

Although it’s kind of strange to see a Licensed Producer of medical marijuana distribute a rapper’s personal strain of choice, it really does make you think of what the industry might look like in the near legalized future.

Could celebrity endorsements and cannabis product launches be popping up on our social media feeds and YouTube playlists? Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart were just on Ellen promoting their new cooking show. You know it’s only going to be a matter of time before we see Martha Stewart whip up a “Palm Tree CBD” cannabis infused coconut cream pie.

If Tweed can have celebrity endorsements, then Canada’s other Licensed Producers should probably start thinking of which celebrities could be the ideal spokesperson for their strains. Here is a list of celebrity endorsement suggestions for each Licensed Producer in Canada.

1. ABcann Medicinals

Besides a clean, beautiful and healthy-feeling branding, what do Smart Water, My Eye Love and Aveeno have in common? Eyedrop loving Jennifer Aniston. ABCann’s clean, organic and well branded products would be a great fit for Jen to casually talk about while sipping ABCann medicated herbal tea, sitting on a white couch.

2. Whistler Medical Marijuana

Canada’s bad-ass rebel snowboarder that got kicked out of the Olympics for using cannabis, plus WMMC, equals a match made in snow-covered heaven! Ross Rebagliati is an obvious fit for this Licensed Producer.

3. Aurora

Aurora makes one think of campfires by the side of a Canadian Lake, with someone playing acoustic guitar and another person belting out greatest hits, ballad style. Miley Cyrus, post foam finger phase, could be an interesting fit for this LP.

4. Bedrocan

Bedrocan definitely would have a scientist endorsing their cannabis. They already offer their products and services to the ‘research’ community. Maybe a documentary with David Suzuki or Stephen Hawking explaining the complex chemistry of the cannabis plant is in our future.

5. Broken Coast

Too cool for school, and everyone wants to know them — Broken Coast is one of the only Licensed Producers with a waiting list to become one of their clients. It is unlikely that Broken Coast would even consider celebrity endorsements, but if they did, it would have to be a local singer songwriter like ‘Wil’.

6. CanniMed

Hands down, it has to be Betty White all day for the endorsement of CanniMed! I personally would love to watch a buzzfeed style video where Betty tries medical marijuana for the ‘first time’ for her arthritis pain, filled with hilarious and adorable Betty quips of course.

7. Delta 9

For Manitoba’s Licensed Producer, it would have to be a locally grown talent endorsing Delta 9’s brand, like Biff Naked or Burton Cummings. Outsiders just simply won’t do for this province of winter warriors.

8. Emblem

If Snoop gets his own brand of cannabis, then you better believe Canada’s rapper in chief should be next! Minimally branded with strain names like 6ix (how predictable) and #knowyourself, produced by ‘not your ordinary cannabis licensed producer’, Emblem seems like the ideal fit for Drake.

9. Hydropothecary

Beautifully branded, expertly packaged, and at $15 a gram, it could easily be endorsed by the Goop Goddess herself. Hydrotherapy does exclusive and luxurious cannabis very well, an obvious fit for lifestyle blogger/actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

10. MedReleaf

She once showed off her marijuana-liquid filled vaporizer pen on the red carpet, and went on to win an Emmy the very same night. Couldn’t you see Sarah Silverman taking a puff of MedReleaf’s ‘Hilarium’ from her vape pen on a late night talk show, and then passing it to the host to try? The host being Bill Maher or Stephen Colbert, of course.

11. Peace Naturals

Willie Nelson for Peace Naturals seems like the ideal cannabis/celebrity relationship. Who wouldn’t want to try one of the original cannabis connoisseur’s strains of choice from the LP with Peace in their name?

12. Tilray

When thinking of Tilray, the image of a suave 50+ gentleman comes to mind. Kind of the cheesy dad type that wants to tell you about his ‘top shelf’ products. Bob Saget for Tilray seems about right. It takes Netflix and chill to a whole other level.

13. OrganiGram

This one is a no brainer. What other Maritime trio could represent this Moncton, NB cannabis producer than the Trailer Park Boys? With Sunnyvale trailer park just a few hours away from the OrganiGram facility, Bubbles, Ricky and Julian can take a road trip any time they want to check up on the product. The only question is if this will change Ricky's mind about legalization, now that he'll have a stake in things. Plus, TPB's relationship with Snoop could lead to some interesting inter-industry softball games between OGI and Tweed.

That’s only a handful of Canada’s more than 2 dozen licensed producers. Did we miss any obvious ones? What are your thoughts on celebrity endorsements for Canada’s Licensed Producer medical marijuana? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

- Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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