Prince Edward Island unveils cannabis legislation plans

PEI will have four government-run cannabis stores supplied by Canopy, OrganiGram and Canada’s Island Garden

Adults will be able to possess up to 30 g of dried cannabis or the equivalent in Prince Edward Island when it becomes legal for recreational purposes, PEI legislators announced today. Teens under 19 are prohibited from possessing any cannabis, and there will be four government-run stores on the island. So far, the province has signed deals with three suppliers: Charlottetown’s Canada’s Island Garden, Moncton’s OrganiGram and Canopy Growth Corp. out of Smiths Falls, Ont.

“In setting direction on cannabis, our focus remains on getting rid of the illegal market, ensuring Islanders are making an informed choice, and protecting the public health and safety of Islanders,” said finance minister Heath MacDonald. “This is a major project that involves or impacts almost every department of government, and we continue to work with our key partners and Islanders to ensure that the decisions we make are in the best interests of the entire province.”

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The legislators also announced plans for preventing cannabis-impaired driving, regulating cannabis transport and providing health and safety education:

  • Driving: create a summary offense in cases of impaired driving with a minor, with potential for increasing penalties, and strengthening impaired driving suspensions.
  • Transporting: cannabis must be in unopened packages, secure and inaccessible to anyone in a vehicle.
  • Education: public health and safety campaigns are underway.

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    Good luck with that "unopened packages" thing. "Inaccessible" could mean in the trunk of the car but I don't think prerolled joints will count as original packaging. So it will be illegal to wrap one up to bring with you.

    Passing regulations that will not be followed is not helpful. Let's hope the Island will allow public consumption. That will be difficult if you can't carry a joint.

    Think of the children.. err tourists, that is. Yeah, think of the tourists, yeah.