Reviews of the Year 2017

A collection of 156 different reviews featured from 22 different licensed producers

Happy New Year to all our Lift readers and reviewers! As you know, every Sunday we post the Reviews of the Week - a total of 52 posts for 52 weeks, and 156 different reviews featured from 22 different licensed producers, including our new additions to the Lift Rewards program: WeedMD, Bedrocan, Spectrum, Canada's Island Garden, Delta 9 and Green Relief.

At the Canadian Cannabis Awards last month, we honoured some of the top strains that double as featured reviews of the week this year. MedReleaf won top Indica flower with Sedamen, with Broken Coast’s Lasqueti and Peace Naturals’ Raphael as runners up, while Organigram won top Sativa flower with Wabanaki, with Aurora’s Warwick 2 and MedReleaf’s Luminarium as close seconds. Tilray’s Pink Kush won top hybrid flower, while MedReleaf won both top high CBD flower with Avidekel and top high THC with Eran Almog, as well as top overall LP. Organigram won top blended/value variety with their Blueberry Cheesecake, as well as top compassionate pricing, while Emblem won for their spectacular customer service. Although we don't feature the oils below, Aurora and MedReleaf were both recognized for their quality oils, while Hydropothecary won with best new cannabis product for Decarb, a ready-to-consume cannabis powder, as well as an award for top LP packaging. See all the CCA winners here.

Our top reviews - which are judged based on the information provided within as well as the gorgeous snaps of your buds - featured a number of these strains from several of these winning licensed producers. An interesting fact - Alien Dawg and Blueberry both made it into ROTW this year, each from two different licensed producers. Can you find out which?

We also featured our top reviewer, Mike Pasini, better known as m1kek9, at the CCAs - it’s easy to see why he won considering his beautiful photos alongside his reviews! A few other reviewers should be recognized for sharing their experiences with the Lift Community - thank you to all our reviewers, but especially VapetheBud, CdnJaybird, Comrade Terpy, KTbudfan1 and NovaSquisha for your awesome contributions.

Check out the gallery below: you can filter or sort by strain name, licensed producer, publication date, picture name (which reflects the licensed producer and strain) or reviewer. Only two reviews made it into our ROTW without a picture, so be sure to add in some pretty snaps if you want to increase your chances of being featured too! Let us know what you think of the gallery of our 2017 featured Reviews of the Week, and don’t forget, every review can earn up to 300 Lift Rewards points per submission, and now, an extra 100 points if you’re chosen to be featured in the Reviews of the Week. We'll be announcing new ways of earning Lift Rewards points very soon, so stay tuned! And all of our Lift Rewards members get $5 off the upcoming Vancouver Lift Expo so make sure to take advantage!

Don’t see your favourite strain in the gallery below? Write a review to share your experience when you order from your favourite LP and your review just might be featured. Get reviewing and have a very happy 2018!

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