Rosin Tech: The Safe, Low-Cost Concentrate

Concentrates are all the rage nowadays, but most concentrates are impractical or expensive to produce or purchase.

Concentrates are all the rage nowadays. Everyone is dabbing (smoking, or sometimes vaping) their honey oil, shatter, wax, etc. Others are looking to ingest pure whole plant extracts like Rick Simpson Oil. In fact, Lift recently published an entire article on the subject.

However, regardless of the form of concentrate, they can be problematic considering one or a combination of the following issues:

- They require expensive equipment to produce

- They are dangerous to produce because the process uses flammable solvents

- They are time consuming to produce

- They require a great deal of herbal product

- They are dangerous to consume if not properly purged

This means that for your average patient (or consumer), most concentrates are impractical to produce or purchase. Recently an alternative has become available which provides a safe, low-cost approach to making high quality concentrate regardless of the amount of herb you have available. It is called Rosin, or Rosin Tech.

The origin of the process is not well-known, but most people trace it back to an Instagram message from February 2015 by Soilgrown. You take a small bit of fresh bud, place it in a piece of folded parchment paper, and squeeze it together using a standard hair straightener set to somewhere between 180-250F, for anywhere between 4-10 seconds. This results in the resin of the plant (i.e. the oil) being released from the leaves and melting onto the paper where it can then be collected using a standard dabbing tool (anything metallic). The result is a pure clean product which contains zero solvents. As a bonus, the now squeezed bud (rosin chip) can still be used for both smoking or ingesting purposes.

The technique was further refined by Canada’s own Bubbleman, and John Berfelo who demonstrated that one could produce decent quantities using cold water extract bubble hash. They both proved that even starting with a relatively low quality hash one could produce high-quality oil. The left over kief-chips can also be smoked or ingested. However, if you are interested in this process you will need a 25 micron filtering screen which is available from Bubbleman’s on-line store Fresh Headies, and a set of extract bags (I recommend the 1 gallon versions for most home use).

For those interested in ingesting rosin be aware that you will have to decarboxylate your product prior to pressing. This is necessary to “activate” the THC/CBD. This is a simple process of heating your product in the oven at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. Details can be found at the Stoner’s Cookbook. I tend to favour the lower temperatures, but they should all work. I also suggest purchasing a hair straightening iron with an adjustable dial, and if possible a digital readout. Most of the cheaper irons lack this feature and run at too high a temperature.

Note that if you have never dabbed before you may have to invest in a dabbing rig. This is nothing more than a water pipe with a special fitting (normally made out of glass, titanium, or ceramic). If you already own a water pipe, you can purchase a “conversion” kit that will transform it into a dabbing rig. Or there are a variety of portable e-pens now available specifically designed for vaping concentrates.

So there you have it. A simple, fast, safe method of producing high-quality concentrate at home at minimal cost, using whatever product you have at hand.  Now cannabis oil is within reach of everyone.

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  1. Jean Reply

    No need to decarboxylate cannabis when making rosin with a t-shirt press or with a hair straitener.

    The heat from press/hair straitener does the decarboxylate for you.

    Water hash making is a lot of work for not much material.

    Making oil does'nt have to be dangerous.

    I was making oil in the 60's in Morocco with 94% Canadian Grain alcool.

    I use coconut oil today.

    Look for Green Dragon on the web. No expensive equipment needed. One hour process max.

    I feel sorry for Harper's Licenced Producers like Tweed and Tilray with their oil capped at 3%.

    No wonder folks flock to dispensaries or make their own.

    Mine is 87%. I only use BC Bud. Not shakes like the LP's.

    1. JB Reply

      Not really. If you search analytical 360 site for "rosin" you'll find that although there is more THC than in BHO, it's still almost all THCA. It takes about 7 minutes of heating with a temperature just a little below THC's BP to decarb it all. Longer if temp is lower. One Analytical 360 entry for example, ROSINTECH WA Bud BBK Rosin 30 Seconds Tech, about 75% THCA and about 3% THC, and that's with 30 seconds heat, longer than most pressers use.