Warm Your Heart Watching Strangers Share Joint On New York Subway

So much for that infamous Big Apple attitude when a solo joint session becomes a Hallmark moment on the metro

As Calgary gears up to ban public cannabis consumption entirely and Charlottetown plans to create designated consumption areas, some strangers in New York have gone viral joyfully passing a joint around a subway car.

A commuter captured the scene and tweeted it out on April 1, explaining that at first she was annoyed by the lit joint.

"Everybody's having a tough day," says a person off-camera, complaining to the joint-owner in the video, which has been viewed more than 3.4 million times. "You can't just smoke weed when everybody else is stressed out."

The smoker's response? To turn to his fellow riders – not to the left, mind you – and offer them some, too.

"Would you like to take a pull?" he says, beaming innocently.

Amazingly, no one turns it down  – four different people riding the train happily accept the offer. Watch:

H/t High Times

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    This may be cute but it is so far out of bounds that I am almost left speechless. Almost, mind you. First, it's wrong to smoke ANYTHING on the subway. Second, I don't even share joints with people that I know any more. Everyone gets their own. What about public health? And, think of the children! It is nice to see strangers share - but what about that poor person who didn't want the second hand smoke?