This Week In Weed: Plain Packaging! Silly Senators! Stoner Starbucks!

Check out this week's Canadian cannabis news from senate shenanigans to American invasions

David’s Teas called, they want their packaging back

Health Canada unveiled its packaging and labelling requirements for licensed producers this week, leaving many… underwhelmed. The bare-bones containers and bags are devoid of any potential for creativity, looking like something akin to No Name brand minus the charm. Some amusingly worried they might have a hard time distinguishing their bags of weed from their bags of David’s Teas.

Here’s what others had to say about the packaging:

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Pun-loving marijuana chain MedMen moves north

American cannabis retailer MedMen is expanding its empire to our quaint country. The chain of cannabis outlets is being compared to mega-brands such as Starbucks and Apple based on its sleek storefronts and design. With 10 stores in legal states like Nevada and California and one planned for New York’s Fifth Avenue, MedMen has set its sights on Canada’s soon-to-be legal rec market. They’ve partnered with Ontario licensed producers Cronos Group to launch MedMen Canada, which will be split 50/50 between the two companies. No word yet on if Jon Hamm will play a role in any future ad campaigns. Read more here.

Senator confuses joints with tokes, amuses everyone with sense

Ahead of the March 22 senate vote on the Cannabis Act, Conservative Senator Nicole Eaton tried to hammer home a point about minors’ access to large quantities of cannabis...or something.

“Five grams is about four tokes,” Sen. Eaton claimed. “In other words, if I’m in high school and I’m 16, I’ve got four tokes in my pocket which is under five grams, so you don’t just take it away from me, but I’m allowed to possess it, right? Or is that the wording… the wording I’m allowed... I’m allowed to have five grams or I’m allowed to have 0 grams… I don’t quite understand.”

Yeah, we don’t quite understand either. Eaton later clarified that she meant to say “joint” instead of “toke”.

Senate ended up passing the second reading of the legislation, which means prohibition is still on track for sometime this summer. Watch Eaton humblebrag about her toking abilities here and read more about the nail-biting Cannabis Act vote here.

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