Two Toronto police officers overdose on edibles after dispensary raids

It's not the first time a police officer has used cannabis while on the job

Two Toronto police officers have been suspended with pay after CBC News reported that the two were thought to have eaten cannabis edibles while on duty and later hallucinated. The Toronto Police Service professional standards unit is investigating.

Although it’s unclear exactly how they obtained the edibles, the report notes a police source said they came from a raid Toronto’s finest executed this past weekend at Community Cannabis Clinic in the city's Little Italy neighbourhood.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the two were near their station when they imbibed on the edibles, but at one point got separated. One of them called an off-duty officer, who mistook the call as a kidnapping, and later called for backup.

According to that report, constables from four different divisions were then called. To make matters worse, an officer who went to assist the two officers “slipped and fell and hit her head on some ice on the roadway,” a police source is quoted as telling the Toronto Sun.

At one point, one of the edible-consuming officers was found stuck in a tree, and paramedics helped them down the tree.

This isn’t the first time in North America an officer has eaten the stash they have yielded from dispensary raids. Take three Santa Ana, California officers, who were caught on a dispensary’s security footage eating some of the store’s goods while making fun of a woman with a disability in July of 2016. Spoiler alert: They were sacked. And let's not forget this classic YouTube from 2007, when an officer and his wife ate weed brownies that had been confiscated from a citizen:

In 2016, a Durham cop was given the all-clear from his force’s police chief to operate an unlicensed medical cannabis dispensary that sold illegal cannabis products. And more recently, former law enforcement officials are now cashing in on cannabis: Toronto police chief Julian Fantino has himself started a medical cannabis clinic.

For Toronto's two on-duty police officers, however, things won’t be as rosy. The two officers have been suspended with pay

On Monday afternoon, the Canadian cannabis Twittersphere got hold of the news.

Jenna Valleriani, who holds a PhD from the University of Toronto in drug policy, tweeted that the officers being suspended with pay “is the ultimate hypocrisy for being intoxicated on shift at a safety sensitive job.” Valleriani went on to say that it is “particularly unbelievable if the product was indeed taken from a raid which happened on the weekend.”

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  1. Maxcatski Reply

    Well, I'm speechless. Kind of like these two officers. Didn't anybody tell them to start low and go slow?

    What were they thinking? Wait until the weekend, guys.

  2. Jason Reply

    My questions is.. Why are they not being charged with tampering with evidence, rather than paid vacation time?

    What if it was evidence from a murder, what legal rights did they have to even do this???

  3. Robert Wright Reply

    I hope these idiots lose there jobs as they should they stole evidence they were driving while intoxicated doing a job that requires quick thinking at times .
    The whole Cannabis legalization is just a scam the government came up with they intend to profit from Cannabis while telling Canadians how dangerous it is they say the cops overdosed really all they had to do was go home and sleep it off they didn't need medical attention but of course they have to make a big deal out of it.
    These two idiots should face possession charges as well as charges for driving under the influence and possesion of a firearm while committing a crime as well as theft and tampering with evidence it's only fair how many of our cannabis brothers were sent to prison for the same thing.