Vancouver Island grower busy preparing to sell cannabis

Duncan BC's United Greeneries has been growing cannabis from seeds they imported last December, developing mother plants, clones, and dried product

Vancouver Island’s United Greeneries is busy growing out crops of cannabis from seed they imported last November, in preparation for the chance to begin selling medical cannabis soon.

The Duncan, BC facility, which was licensed for production in late June, 2016, has been growing from their stock of one kilogram of seeds, selecting phenotypes they are happy with, developing mothers and clones from those phenotypes, and then growing out into flower.

They are currently awaiting testing results for several batches and awaiting a final inspection from Health Canada for a license to sell.

Last March, United Greeneries announced an agreement with the local Cowichan Tribes to secure an additional 13 acres adjacent to the existing 16,000 sq ft facility. The agreement also opens the possibility of the company acquiring further adjacent land, the possible construction of a greenhouse facility if approved by Health Canada.

In April of this year they harvested their first crop and sent it off for testing results. In May of this year, MMJ Phytotech sold United Greeneries’ 16,000 sq ft facility to Harvest One Cannabis. Although there is no set time or guarantee for a sales license after the issuance of a cultivation license, the average time is about eight months.  

See some images from inside United Greeneries below:

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